Daily Calorie Goals


Learn to Identify Your Daily Calorie Goal


DIeting Hints and tipsPhoto shows one (1) pound of fat – this is what 1 pound of fat looks like in your body!  Imagine what 2 pounds look like!

There are many reasons for people who are overweight to want to lose weight.  What is your reason?  Is it to be healthier, to look better, to feel better, and/or to have more energy?

Whatever your reason is, you need to lose at a slow and steady rate for best results.  A safe and healthy rate is no more than two (2) pounds per week.  This is the goal you should aim for in your weight loss program.


Daily Calorie Goals

Lose 1 pound per week – Reduce your weekly intake of calories by 3,500 calories (3,500 divided by 7 days equals 500 calories per day). 

Lose 2 pounds per week – Reduce your weekly intake of calories by 7,000 calories (7,000 calories divided by 7 days equals 1,000 calories per day).

It is very simple logic.
 To cut out either the 500 or 1,00 calories a day, you can either eat less calories or burn more calories by exercising.  Or, to make it an easier goal to achieve, try a combination of eating fewer calories, and burning more calories more a day by exercising.

Remember that extra calories eaten and not burned off by exercise will turn into extra weight.  Doesn’t this sound simple?  You absolutely need to regulate the calories you eat every day in order to either lose weight or to maintain your weight.



Many helpful Diet Recipes and also the Food Nutritional Value Chart that shows fat grams, fiber grams, and calorie that I have collected (includes many recipes from my main web site that I have adapted).  I have also included Weight Watcher’s Points to help you in deciding which recipes to prepare.  Unless otherwise noted, I have included in each of the following recipes: Fat Grams, Calorie Counts, and some Weight Watcher points.


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