How to Organize a Self Serve Bar


How to Organize a self serve barThe holidays sometimes push us into the unfamiliar role of bartender.  While signaling a pleasant activity, it might be something you do not have to handle very often.  There are several options for organizing beverages for your guests for the holidays and for New Year’s Eve.

There is not any rule that you need to provide a full bar.  As the host or hostess, you can simply choose the offering you would like.  It could be solely wine, or solely beer – or a combination of wine and beer.  You could set up the goodies for a themed cocktail for the night.  Or you could go the full-bar routine.


Here are a few tips for organizing beverages for gatherings anytime of the year:

Always have non-alcoholic beverages available.

Do chill beer and wine, as needed, before guests arrive.  Hint: If you live in a colder climate, you might be able to simply leave them in the garage or outside the door- providing it is not freezing until time to put them at the bar.

A large tub is great for holding beer and ice.

Pre-cut garnishes and stow them covered in the fridge.

If doing a theme cocktail, print out the recipe and prop it up in a cute frame on the bar so everyone can make a few.  Otherwise, assign a volunteer to bartend.

If doing a full bar, realize that not everyone knows how to mix drinks.  You might provide a few popular recipes in print.  Check out our beverage ideas, for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

If you are doing self-serve drinks, organize your bar as you would a serving line for a buffet.  Place things in the order needed.  Begin with your recipes then glassware, ice, a tray of bar tools, alcohol, mixers, stirs, garnishes and finally napkins.



How to organize a self serve barHere is a list of items needed for setting up a bar:

Even if you are only doing wine or a theme drink, check over these lists to see which of the items you may need to supply.


Basic tools for a full bar:

bottle opener
ice bucket with ice
jigger(s) for measuring
bar towel
pre-cut garnishes
trash caHow to organize a self serve bar
cocktail napkins.


Basic glassware for a full bar:

short and tall glasses
stemmed glasses
wine glasses for red and white wine.







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