Al Fresco Entertaining

 Al Fresco Entertaining Seven Tips for an Al Fresco Summer Party    Al Fresco Entertaining – means out in the open, is a great way to enjoy the later part … Continued

Book Club and Dinner

Book Club and Dinner Just Go Together

  It is easy to organize a group to read, dine, and have fun   Book clubs and food just go together.  If you are sitting around and chatting, you will … Continued

Breakfast School Day Menus

    Organization of School Day Breakfast Menus     And so begins the school day morning: “Please eat something.” “Just tell me what you want.” Then it moves to … Continued

Change Your Kitchen Along With Your Hair Color

Change Your Kitchen Along With Your Hair Color – Over the course of the years, I have changed my hair color.  I have changed my fashions.  I have changed states, … Continued

Christmas Holiday Notebook

Christmas Holiday Notebook

Gather your recipes, menus, and ideas in one notebook   Watching a cooking show the other day, I began to wonder what I was going to make this holiday season. … Continued

Christmas Kitchen Secrets of the Organized

  “Gosh, she made it look so easy!” – That’s what we all wish our guests would think when they visit.  Entertaining, on top of working, holiday shopping and company, … Continued

Cleaning up clutter under the sink

Cleaning Up Clutter Under the Sink

If you ever wondered if you have a deep, dark hole of clutter in your house – you might need to look no further than under the kitchen sink.  That … Continued

Cooking vs. Juggling

; Sometimes, trying to cook in your kitchen is exactly like juggling.   Cooking vs. Juggling – You juggle the junk from the counter to the center island.  Then you … Continued

Cool Cooking Tips for Hot Summer Days

    Try these dishes for keeping cool this summer   When you are looking for ways to cool off on hot days, I know you turn right to organizing. … Continued

Organizing Snacks

Crisp Ideas for Organizing Snacks

Organizing Snacks in the Pantry Photo Credit from Country Living Quick quiz: How can you tell it is summer? Someone is standing in front of the pantry door yelling, “There … Continued

Desperate For Cluttered Kitchen Help

  Dear Organizer: It’s a nightmare!  My friend’s cabinets are so jammed with things that I don’t even know where to begin and how to get her organized.  I have … Continued

dinner party planning

Dinner Party Planning

  Plan a Dinner Party and then Organize your Plan   You do not need a holiday to entertain.  Getting together with good friends for a dinner party is a celebration … Continued

Eight kitchen Tools

Eight Kitchen Tools You Don’t Want To Do Without

    Author Lea Schneider, a columnist for What’s Cooking America, is a freelance writer and organizational expert whose organizing ideas have been published in many magazines including Woman’s Day, … Continued

Family Reunion

Family Reunion Meals

    Organizing Family Reunion Meals As sure as the fact that summer brings heat – it also brings family reunions:   With the kids being out-of-school, summer is the … Continued

Farmer's Market

Farmers’ Markets

    Making the Most of Your Farmers’ Market   Farmers’ markets are a public food market at which local food growers sell fresh fruit and vegetables directly to consumers. … Continued