Spring Afternoon Tea – Menu and Recipes

Spring Afternoon Tea Menu

Afternoon tea is a common meal in many countries and a great tradition that can be utilized for a fun event for Mother’s Day, baby showers, or other special occasions.  There are many great tea party recipes included in this Spring Tea Menu.  If you have not hosted a tea before, you will also find information that you will need on tea etiquette and tea services to make you look like a seasoned host.

Menu by Christie Grewe of Purcellville, VA. Christie served this wonderful tea for some of her friends who attended Patrick Henry College.

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Chicken Curry Tea Sandwiches and Cucumber Mint Tea Sandwiches
These tea sandwiches are so easy to make and so delicious!  Also learn how to make teat sandwiches in advance and keep them from dry out.

Vanilla Bean Loaves
This bread is wonderful!  It is so moist that it is almost like cake.  There are three forms of vanilla in the batter and two vanilla beans in the syrup. The vanilla sugar you make will be a fragrant addition to many other recipes, and the loaves freeze beautifully.

Raisin Scones
This is one of our very favorite scone recipes that my daughters like to make for our Mother’s Day Tea.  Scones are best served warm and fresh, split open, and topped with either lemon curd or thick homemade jam and clotted cream (Devonshire Cream or Crème fraîche).

Mock Devonshire Cream
Originally from Devonshire County, England, it is a thick, buttery cream often used as a topping for desserts.

Tiramisu in a Martini Glass
We mixed in some chopped chocolate as well as sprinkling some on top.  Also known as Tuscan Trifle and Zuppa Inglese. Tradition tiramisu is a pudding-like dessert that usually consists of sponge cake or ladyfingers dipped in a liqueur, then layered with grated chocolate and rich custard.

Earl Grey tea and Safari Sunset tea (Rooiboos with orange and cranberry)

Guidelines for Brewing the Perfect Pot of Tea:

tea being poured from an ornate tea kettle to matching cupYour tea will only be as good as your water.  It is best to use filtered or spring water only.  If you must use tap water, take water during the day time from a tap and leave it out overnight.  Once the water as come to the boil, take off the lid of the pot, turn fire down to low and continue to heat for 5 minutes (this gets rid of any unpleasant smells the water may have).

Wait until the water is near boiling, then pour a little into the teapot and swirl it around. This warms the pot so that it is at an optimum temperature for holding the tea.  Empty the pot.

To the warmed teapot add one slightly rounded teaspoon of a tea per cup plus one teaspoon for the pot.  Or use one tea bag in the pot for each cup.

When the water in the kettle has reached a rolling boil, pour it in the pot and allow the tea to steep for three to five minutes.

Check out more recipes and information for your Afternoon Tea or High Tea.

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Tea Sandwich Recipes – Also learn how to make tea sandwich ahead of time and  hints and tip on making tea sandwiches.

Understanding Tea Time Service – Afternoon Tea is one of the most special times of the day.  An occasion one looks forward to with great anticipation and high expectations for a perfect experience.  But have you ever considered what your perfect experience entails to produce?


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