Marbling Fondant Icing

Marbling Fondant Icing – Questions & Answers 

by Peggy Weaver

Marbling fondant icing makes beautiful and unique cake decor. Peggy Weaver answers all of your frequently asked fondant related questions.


I have a cake-making book that is, first of all, of European origin so it is hard enough to interpret some of the terms used in the recipes.  Secondly, it tells me how to marble the fondant, (called “Sugarpaste Icing”), but the instructions are brief and vague.


Marbling Fondant Icing:

Marbling Fondant ingredients on a white counter top

Have your two (2) colors ready that you want to use.  For this mini lesson, lets say White and Purple.

I do suggest that for a cake you use colors that are somewhat similar in intensity. A light tan and a dark tan, light blue and a darker blue, etc.

The subtle color changes are very pleasing to look at.

long thin rolls of fondant icing in purple and white next to a bowlRoll out each color into a long cigar shape I usually make them about 12 to 15 inches long for ease of handling.

Place them side by side on the counter.

If you want 3 or 4 colors, you add them the same way at this point.

purple and white fondant snakes twisted together next to a bowlNow twist colors together like a breadstick.

I usually pinch the ends together so that it is easier for me to handle.

twisted fondant folded in half in a horseshoe shape on counterNow you fold the batch in half so that the bunch of fondant is 6 to 8 inches long.

fondant on counter dusted with corn starchLightly cornstarch the counter and place the roll on the cornstarch.

twisted fondant rolled out to create a marbled effectStart to gently roll the batch out. You will be seeing the marbling effect as you are rolling. If you want more effect, twist and fold until you get the desired effect.

That is all there is to marbling.

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Peggy WeaverPeggy Weaver, author of Peggy’s Baking Corner, has generously answered all the above question on cake baking during the last 15 years.  Peggy will not be able to continue with the Question and Answer pages in the future.  She thanks you for all your interesting questions.

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