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Linda, I have a recipe that calls for ancho powder.  Can you tell what this is?   I can’t seem to find it anywhere. – Bill Shears (7/4/01)



Ancho PowderAncho Chile Peppers:  Pronounced AHN-choh.  A dried deep reddish brown chile pepper about 3 inches wide and 4 inches long with a sweet hot flavor.  When fresh they are referred to as poblanos.  They look like small bell peppers.  Anchos are flat, wrinkled, and heart shaped.  They range in color from very dark red to almost black.  Anchos are mild to moderately hot and often soaked and ground for use in sauces.

Ancho Powder is ground ancho (pablano) chile peppers.  In other words, it is a chile powder.  Ancho Chili is a dark Smokey chili with a deep rich flavor and mild to medium heat.  Their flavor is somewhat sweet and a little raisin like.  This pepper is the most commonly used in authentic Mexican cooking and is a staple in red chili and tamales.

Ancho Powder is a terrific choice for those who are looking for a “milder” taste in their cooking.  Use Ancho Powder just as ou would salt or pepper.  Sprinkle on pasta, baked potatoes, vegetables, soups, pizza, popcorn and more.  Also try it to season chicken, stews, potatoes, vegetables and, of course, Mexican dishes.


Making homemade ancho powder is so easy to do.  Just purchase whole dried Ancho Chiles and grind them into a powder.  

Ancho PowderFirst cut the tops of each Ancho chile pepper that you are using.

Then slice them in half lengthwise.

Remove all seeds and discard them from the inside of each Ancho chile pepper.

Using a coffee grinder or a food processor, grind until you have a powder.  You now have Ancho Powder!


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  1. Denise pomodoro habeeb

    Reading a book called “the Kitchen Daughter ” by Jael McHenry
    Great story
    In it there is arecipe for hot chocolate that uses ancho powder
    Sounds yummy
    Anyone tried this ???

  2. Lynn Hobeika

    good day
    when a seasoning recipe or blend asks for chili powder, please can you tell me which chili powder should i use? is it the chili blend or pure chili powder like ancho powder.
    I am starting a seasoning home-based small business and I find really hard choosing .
    thnsk you


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