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I really enjoy your web site and find it extremely interesting and helpful.  I am currently living abroad in Israel and yesterday the discussion arose among two ex-pat Americans and two Israelis as to the difference between anise and licorice.  Could you elaborate?  I imagine that it might also be helpful to add it to your very impressive Culinary Dictionary!  Thanks for your attention and assistance!  – Rena (2/28/07)



I found a great web site on licorice and anise seed.  This site also has photos.  Since I do not believe in reinventing the wheel, I am sending the site to you (just click on the underlined links below):


Anise Seed vs Licorice

Anise Seed vs Licorice

Anise Seed:



Thanks for your quick response and best of luck to you as you keep updating the site, which is great!!!!  Kind regards – Rena (2/28/07)



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