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Can anyone tell me the difference between butterscotch and caramel?  A response would be greatly appreciated.



-The flavor of butterscotch is a blend of butter and brown sugar.

Caramel – Caramel is a mixture produced when granulated sugar has been cooked (caramelized) until it melts and becomes a thick, clear liquid that can range in color from golden to deep brown.  A soft caramel is a candy made with a caramelized sugar, butter, and milk.

Basically the difference is the type of sugar used.


Check out the following recipe web pages to help you with your cooking:

Burnt Caramel Cream
Excellent served on pound cakes and over fresh fruit.

Caramel Sauce
You never need to buy prepared caramel sauce again!  Making your own homemade caramel sauce is a lot easier than you might think, and it takes practically no time at all.

Caramelizing Sugar
Photo tutorial on how to caramelize sugar.  Caramelizing sugar is a term most often applied to melting sugar until it becomes a caramel color liquid.



Thank you so much.  I have a recipe that calls for butterscotch and NOT caramel.  I often wondered why that was as thought they were the same.  Now I know better.  Have a wonderful weekend!



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  1. Jen

    THANK YOU for asking & thank you for answering!!!
    I have always known I love butterscotch even more than caramel. I never really knew why… I have always loved real, high quality brown sugar… I feel like a great life mystery was just solved!

  2. Que

    Totally relate to the last comment, I love butterscotch, but tend to make caramel, now I know the difference


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