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I am baking a cheesecake for a friend to take to Thanksgiving and I do not want to send my springform pan with her.  Is there any way to safely remove the cheesecake from the pan after chilling to place it on a cardboard cake plate?

I was thinking of lining the pan with heavy foil, but am not sure if it will hold the weight of the cake or if the pan will close properly.

It is a diabetic cake being made with yogurt cheese and I am afraid it may have a looser consistency than the average cheesecake.  Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.




I have lined springform pans with aluminum foil in the past.  Just be sure to smooth the foil down.

Have you thought about freezing the cheesecake after it is cooled?  If your friends transported the cake when it is frozen, this will help keep it together.  By the time she is ready to serve it, it will be unfrozen.  Cheesecakes freeze very well.  I freeze them all the time.  Check out my web page on How To Freeze Cheesecakes.



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