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I love your web page.  I do have one question.  Do you know how to make apple coulis and banana coulis?  The cooks on television show how to make a plate look pretty but they never say how to make the coulis.  I’ve gone and looked in some cookbooks but to no avail.  To me cooking is a art and well if you could help. – Mr. Gourmet (6/3/99)



I am not sure what you want to know about apple and banana coulis, as coulis means a thick sauce.  The definition is as follows:

A French culinary term which has undergone some changes in its career.  In old English cookbooks, the word cullis is found, but this has fallen into disuse and coulis has taken its place.  At one time, coulis were sauces and also the juices which flowed from roasting meat.  Some cooks called liquid purees coulis, but only those prepared with chicken, game, fish, crustaceans, and some vegetables.  Today, coulis donotes some thick soups made with crayfish, lobster, prawns, and other crustaceans, the word being employed where bisque has formerly been used.



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