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Our company feeds breakfast every Saturday morning to a group of low income individuals.  The problem, many of us have run into, is the scrambled eggs turn green after we prepare them.  I have tried different containers but to no avail. – Jim Leugers (4/19/00)




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Sometimes a large batch of scrambled eggs may turn green.  Although not pretty, the color change is harmless.  It is due to a chemical change brought on by heat and occurs when eggs are cooked at too high a temperature, held for too long, or both.

Using stainless steel equipment, low cooking temperature, cooking in small batches, and serving as soon as possible after cooking will help to prevent this.

If it is necessary to hold scrambled eggs for a short time before serving, it helps to avoid direct heat.  Place a pan of hot water between the pan of eggs and the heat source.

Source:  American Egg Board


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  1. Janet Martin

    I run a breakfast program at a junior high school, and we have had an issue with our eggs turning green when we have served them from a stainless steel bowl. What I have had my volunteers do, is line the bowl with parchment paper before putting the eggs in. It seems to,work.

    • Angela M

      Just add a half a cup of lime juice to the eggs before you cook them and you will never see green eggs again. Lime juice flavor goes away so no the eggs wont be sour tasting.

      • Linda Stradley

        Thank you for the tip

  2. Jon

    Boy what relief we just had a large breakfast fo a group of people at the end I looked in the pan green eggs. It scarred me that we might have caused someone to get sick.Thank you for the suggestions


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