How To Peel Hard-Cooked (Boiled) Eggs


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How can I get a hard boiled egg to peel without tearing up the white part?




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How To Peel Hard-Cooked Eggs Easily:




This is what I do:

I place the eggs in the pan they were cooked in and add cold water.

I then crack the eggs under water (this seems to help loosen the membrane under the shell).

Start peeling at the larger end, where the air pocket is, and remove the shell under running water to make the shelling easier.

You must get a hold of the membrane under the shell when you remove the shell.  Very fresh eggs are harder to peel.  The fresher the eggs, the more the shell membranes cling tenaciously to the shells.



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  1. Kim Foster Roberts

    I found that if you place several hard boiled eggs in a bowl with a small amount of water and a lid then shake the bowl with vigor, not enough to destroy the eggs, the peels will come off quickly and easily. Much faster and easier than anything I’ve ever tried. Been a lifesaver!


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