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I am baking a chocolate truffle cheesecake and it requires a springform pan and I do not have on.  What type of pan can I substitute?



Springform PanI recommend that you purchase a springform pan.

Springform pans are designed to be helpful when releasing items that can not be inverted, such as cheesecake, quiche, deep-dish pizza and layered frozen desserts.  Springform pans have a clasp on the side, which, when released, enables the sides of the cake pan to “spring away” from the cake.  Because of this, there is no need to invert the cake to get it out of the pan.

If you absolutely need to bake this cheesecake now, without using a springform pan, I would use an 8- or 9-inch cake pan lined with parchment paper that is greased (buttered) to be able to remove the cake.

It is very hard to substitute for a springform pan.




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