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Recently, I was in the Health Food Store and saw Thai Sweet Rice on the shelf.  What is it and do you have any suggestions on how to cook and/or season it? – EHen04 (2/26/00)



Thai Sweet Rice – Also called, and usually labeled, sticky rice, waxy rice, or glutinous rice.  These rice grains are short and plump with a chalky white, opaque kernel.  When cooked, this rice is very glutinous.  Sticky rice gets even stickier over time, so you can make it a day or two before you need it and keep it in the fridge in an airtight container.  Add the cooked rice as a side to your favorite dish, try it in desserts or just pick up your chop sticks and dig in.

According to Thai tradition, sticky rice can put you fast asleep if more than a couple handfuls are eaten. 

It is more often used in commercial product formulations than in recipes.  The starch and flour from waxy rice is used frozen as a binder for gravies, sauces, and fillings, because it is resistant to breakdown during freezing and thawing.  It can be found in Asian markets and many markets with Asian specialty sections.

Thai Sweet RiceCheck out What’s Cooking America’s Mango with Sticky Rice Recipe

Mango Sticky Rice is very sweet and delicious treat that you will absolutely love!  In Northern Thailand and Northeastern Thailand, sticky rice is a staple.  This Thai dish takes some time to prepare – but it is worth the wait!




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