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Mother's Day - Sunday, May 11, 2014


Travels In Andalusia Spain

Family GroupOver the last two week of March 2014, What's Cooking America travelled Andalusia, Spain. Our first stops: Torremolinos and Malaga, Spain - Part 1.

Follow us as we travel the roads and narrow streets exploring the historic cities and towns, meet interesting and friendly people, discover their relaxed eating customs, and enjoy Spain's fantastic foods.

If you like to eat, Spain is that place for you, because Spanish customs encourage you to eat as often as possible!


It's Tea Time - Mother's Day Tea!

A tea party is both fancy and fun! This is a wonderful way for all the Moms in your family to be celebrated and also have fun!

tea party foodEnglish/American High Tea Menu
A full tea menu with recipes and photos

Spring Tea Menu

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea Menu

plate of tea sandwichesAfternoon Tea and High Tea Recipes
Lots of recipes. Learn about tea etiquette, How to make the perfect pot of tea, and much more.

Understanding Tea Time Service - Afternoon Tea is one of the most special times of the day. An occasion one looks forward to with great anticipation and high expectations for a perfect experience. But have you ever considered what your perfect experience entails to produce?


Mother's Day Brunch

Instead of taking your Mom to a very busy and crowded restaurant, treat your Mom on this very special day with a family brunch.

Mother's Day is a time to gather family and friends around a festive breakfast (brunch) or dinner table. You'll save money and have a delicious meal with your family.

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

cinnamon rolls

Harvest Cinnamon Rolls - These are absolutely wonderful cinnamon rolls. They are very rich and delicious! Be prepared. as everyone you serve these rolls will want this recipe.

Eggs Benedict

German Pancake, Dutch Baby Pancake

Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict make any meal an elegant special occasion. Especially great for weekend breakfast or brunch, or a unique evening meal.

German Pancake (Dutch Baby)
Scrumptious!  Bring this spectacular breakfast or brunch dish to the table as soon as it comes out of the oven for a lot of oohs and aahs!

Buffet and Party Safety
Have a safe and fun party.

Dining Etiquette Guide
Restaurant and Dinner Party Manners and Etiquette

Lots of Brunch and Breakfast Recipes to please your Mom.


Kitchen Remodeling:

Author Lea Schneider, a columnist for What’s Cooking America, is a freelance writer and organizational expert whose organizing ideas have been published in many magazines including Woman’s Day, Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen and Bath Ideas, Family Circle, Parents Magazine, as well as numerous newspapers and websites. She is a member of the Association of Food Journalists. Check out all of Lea Schneider's helpful home and kitchen columns at Organizing Kitchens, Pantries, Menus and Meals.

Bringing Kitchen Remodeling Dreams to Life - Where to Start - Part 1:

Bringing Kitchen Remodeling Dreams to Life - Conquering Cabinet Choices - Part 2:

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