Eggs Whites vs. Whole Eggs

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Eggs Whites vs. Whole Eggs

Raw Whole EggsWhich is better  - Egg Whites or Whole Eggs?

Is eating whole eggs bad for your health?  NO - NO - NO

Should you choose an omelet made of egg whites instead of whole eggs?  NO - NO - NO

You would be better off to quit eating fried foods than eating whole eggs.  YES -  YES - YES

It's time to revisit the egg question and HOPEFULLY put an end to the myth that egg yolks are bad.

It seems that whole eggs have a long history of being both good for you, then bad for you (during the low cholesterol craze), and then good for you again. Almost every day, you hear this age-old myth: Whole eggs are bad for you because they contain too much cholesterol and fat.

Eggs have had a bad reputation because of their high cholesterol content: 210 milligrams in the yolk of a large egg. But, in fact, they do not raise blood cholesterol in most people, and they may even be good for your heart in some ways.

The truth is that the egg yolk is better for you than any other part of the egg. This fact has been completely obscured by bad information that resulted in the common misconception that egg yolks are bad. So, by keeping the egg white and discarding the egg yolk, you are getting rid of the part of the egg that has the most antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

Check out the latest on eggs from the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter, March 2008 The Sunnyside of Eggs

The egg yolk has all the cholesterol and fat, but the egg yolk also ALL the nutrition! Check out the chart below comparing whole eggs to egg whites:


Whole Egg

Egg White




Total Fat

5 g

0 g

Saturated Fat

1.5 g

0 g


185 mg

0 mg


6 g

3.6 g


24 mcg

1 mcg


.88 mg

.03 mg


.65 mg

.01 mg


.2 mg

.1 mg


15.4 mcg

6.6 mcg

Vitamin D

41 IU

0 IU


126 mg

.4 mg

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