Rose Petal Tea Recipe

Rose Petal Tea can be made from either rose hips or rose petals.  This Rose Petal Tea has a light floral taste with a slightly tangy flavor.   A very elegant tea to serve for your next afternoon tea party.  Whether it is drunk hot or cold, did you know that tea is one of the best things you can drink?  Check out Tea – Drink to your Health.

If you are not buying rose petals from a tea store, make your own.  You will need to be certain that the variety of rose petals you grow are sweet tasting rather than bitter.  If unsure, ask your local horticultural specialists for advice.  Check out What’s Cooking America’s Edible Flower Chart.

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Rose Petal Tea


Rose Petal Tea Recipe:
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: English
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  • 2 cups fresh fragrant rose petals  (about 15 large roses)*
  • 3 cups water
  • Honey or granulated sugar to taste
  1. Clip and discard bitter white bases from the rose petals; rinse petals thoroughly and pat dry.

  2. In a small saucepan over medium-high heat, place the prepared rose petals.  Cover with water and bring just to a simmer; let simmer for approximately 5 minutes or until the petals become discolored (darkened).

  3. Remove from heat and strain the hot rose petal liquid into teacups. Add honey or sugar to taste.

  4. Makes 4 servings.

Recipe Notes

* All roses that you intend to consume must be free of pesticides.  Do not use or eat flowers from florists, nurseries, or garden centers. In many cases these flowers have been treated with pesticides not labeled for food crops. The tastiest roses are usually the most fragrant.  Learn more about Edible Flowers.



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