Boccone Dolce

Boccone Dolce – Sweet Mouthful


Have you ever heard of a Dessert called Boccone Dolce,  Please let me know.  I am trying to get the right spelling of the name.  Thank you very much!! – Chef John Neal  (5/3/02)



Boccone Dolce (Sweet Mouthful) is a classic northern Italian dessert.  It is actually a cake without any cake!  The word “Boccone” actually means “the quantity that can be held in the mouth.”  It is made of light and airy layers of meringue shells that are usually painted with chocolate and layered with sliced strawberries and whipped cream and stacked after it sets the meringue softens.  The meringue layer is very thick and it even benefits from a long stay in the refrigerator.  The finished cake tastes kind of like Neapolitan ice cream.  This cake must be made the same day it is to be served.

The combination of strawberries and chocolate in a meringue is enough to send you right out of this world!  In fact, there are three crunchy meringue layers.  This a a yummy dessert.  Check out my recipe for Boccone Dolce.


Boccone Dolce
Photo from
Papa Hayden’s Restaurant, Portland, Oregon.





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