Arborio Rice vs. Converted Rice

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I am going to cook some Risotto for my family.  How is Arborio rice different from Converted rice? T hank you, – Ruby (2/27/02)



Converted Rice – It is also called parboiled rice.  The term “converted” is a trademark of Uncle Ben’s.  Long-grain rice is soaked in water or subjected to steam while it is still in the shell in order to gelatinize the grains to make it harder, as well as drive some of the vitamins into the center of the grain.


Arborio Rice (are-BORE-ee-oh) – is a pearly, round medium grain rice that is readily available in the United States.  Its outer coating contains the highest starch level of any Italian variety, which ensures creamy texture in risottos.


Risotto (rih-SAW-toh) – Risotto is actually an Italian cooking technique used for a native Italian rice, Arborio Rice.  This old world method involves stirring hot liquid little by little into the rice for about 20 minutes, which will create a dish unlike any other rice recipe you have tried.  Risotto is prepared this way and served immediately to preserve the unique, gourmet texture of a very creamy sauce around al dente, pasta-like rice kernels.

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