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Can you tell me the uses of Walnut oil?  A friend gave me a bottle and it has been in the back of the cupboard for a while because I did not know what to do with it. – Lavonne (6/23/01)



Walnut Oil UsesWalnut Oil – This expensive, delicate, light-colored, unrefined, specialty oil is generally made in the Perigord and Burgundy regions of France.  Unlike other nut oils, unrefined walnut oil is made from nuts that are dried and then cold-pressed.  Walnut oil is high in polyunsaturated fats.

It has a rich, nutty flavor that is perfect for salad dressings, to flavor fish and steaks, to toss with pasta, and to jazz up desserts.

Walnut oil is best used uncooked or in cold sauces because when it is heated, it can become slightly bitter.  This flavor, however, can be a pleasant taste when experienced in moderation.

Unrefined walnut oil is terrific on salads, particularly when you combine it with bits of walnuts.  Add walnut oil to a chicken or turkey salad along with some grapes and chopped walnuts.  Brush a thin coat of walnut oil on grilled fish and steaks just before serving.  Toss freshly cooked pasta in a mixture of walnut oil and spices.  Try using walnut oil in dessert recipes that will be enhanced by the nutty flavor.

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