Green Pea Salad in a large white salad bowl garnished with romaine

Green Pea Salad Recipe

  Green Pea Salad is a family favorite that I enjoyed when I was young, and still do today.  It is a very easy-to-make vegetable salad using fresh or frozen peas. … Continued

Greens With Goat Cheese Croutons Recipe

  The vinaigrette recipe is from Gourmet Magazine (October 1993).  The goat cheese croutons are my version of their recipe. More wonderful Salads and Salad Dressing Recipes.   Please check out … Continued

Grilled Caesar Salad

Grilled Caesar Salad Recipe

A salad you can grill!  Enjoy Grilled Caesar Salad.  Grilling adds a wonderful smoky flavor variation when the Romaine lettuce is grilled.  A fun way to make a favorite salad … Continued

Grilled Corn, Tomato, and Avocado Salad

Grilled Corn, Tomato, and Avocado Salad Recipe

Grilled Corn Salad   Grilled Corn Salad with tomato, and avocado is absolutely fantastic, especially if you source the  corn, tomatoes, and sweet basil from your garden or from your local … Continued

Grilled Fig and Arugula Salad Recipe

The combination of flavors in this delicious Grilled Fig and Arugula Salad will send you to new heights in flavor as grilling the figs slightly caramelizes them. Your guests will … Continued

Grilled Vegetable Tomato Bread Salad Recipe

  Grilled Vegetable Tomato Bread Salad is a savory bread pudding using only fresh top-quality vegetables that are in season.  Serve this delicious bread salad as a side dish for chicken … Continued

Halibut with Lemon-Basil Vinaigrette Recipe

  Halibut with Lemon-Basil Vinaigrette is a very light and tasty seafood dish!  This lemon-basil vinaigrette would be good on any fish of your choice.  You will enjoy the lemon … Continued

Hazelnut Vinaigrette Recipe

  Hazelnut Vinaigrette recipe is a favorite of my husband. The hazelnut oil really gives this vinaigrette a special taste! Check out Linda’s Salad and Salad Dressing Recipes.  

Infused Couscous Recipe

Herb Vinaigrette Infused Couscous Recipe

  Herb Vinaigrette Infused Couscous Recipe is a light, healthy, and delicious pasta dish with bright spring flavors that is sure to delight your family and friends. If you grown … Continued

History of Gelatin, Gelatine, and JELL-O

  “Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle, Jell-O brand Gelatin…” , and “There’s Always Room for JELL-O.” These advertising slogans stick in many American minds.   Jell-O is the largest … Continued

History of Salads and Salad Dressings

History of Salads: What exactly is the definition of salad?  Everyone’s definition of salad seems to be different.  Salads can be an entree or side dish that is prepared and composed … Continued

Honey Mustard Salad Dressing Recipe

  Honey Mustard Salad Dressing is my husband’s favorite, when I make it homemade for him he is one happy camper.  It is an easy-to-make dressing and so good!  This version … Continued

Honeydew Melon in Anisette Recipe

Honeydew Melon in Anisette may seem a rather unusual combination, but it is one that is very refreshing and delicious – plus it uses only two ingredients.  Honeydew melons are noted … Continued

Hot Bacon Dressing Recipe

  Hot Bacon Dressing is a classic for warm potato salad or wilted green salads, especially spinach salads.  Also try this Hot Bacon Dressing on steamed vegetables, such as fresh … Continued

Insalata Caprese Salad

Insalata Caprese Salad Recipe

  Insalata Caprese Salad, also known as Mozzarella, Tomato, and Basil Plate is one of the simplest and most delicious of summer salads.  It requires only the right ingredients and … Continued