Dill Weed


DillweedDill Weed is a perennial herb that is popular in cooking and a healthful anti-oxidant.  It’s leaves are essential in the pickling process and the dill seed is an important ingredient in many dishes around the world.  It great in sauces and goes well with seafood.  Try this great Dill Sauce on grilled or baked salmon.

Dill was once used to induce sleep as the name dill is derived from ‘dilla’, a Norwegian word that means to sooth.  It was also believed to work as a charm against witches.

It is said that mystics could combat an “evil eye” spell by carrying a bag of dried dill over the heart.  Dill weed is also a low calorie photo-nutrient source.


How to store Dillweed:

Fresh leaves can be kept in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

To freeze, chop finely and mix with water;  freeze in ice-cube trays.

Dried leaves and seeds should be stored in airtight jars in a cool, dark place.


How to use Dillweed:

For best flavor, use fresh dill leaves.  Since cooking diminishes the flavor of fresh dill, add just before serving.  Dried leaves do not retain much flavor, so it can be used generously in your recipes.

When mincing fresh dill, preserve the flavor by snipping it with scissors rather than cutting.


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