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Apricot Gem Bars Recipe
Apricot Gems
These moist bars have a great flavor.  Everyone goes for these gems of a dessert! I have had this recipe for years, and I have no idea where it is originally from.



Apricots with Mascarpone and Pistachios Recipe
Apricots with Mascarpone and Pistachios
This wonderful easy to make and delicious appetizer is from the cookbook Small Bites by Jennifer Joyce.  This appetizer recipe is a definite “keeper.”



Breakfast Sausage Kabobs
Breakfast Sausage Kabobs
This delicious sausage kabob recipe was shared with me by Fulvia Guyger of Prineville, OR.  Fulvia is originally from Italy and runs a wonderful bed and breakfast called the Bellavista Bed & Breakfast.  Recipe is from the Creme de Colorado Cookbook by Junior League of Denver.



Fruit Crisps
Dried Fruit, Nut, and Seed Crisps
I love crackers with nuts and dried fruits in them.  They are expensive to purchase, but very inexpensive to make.  These easy-to-make crackers require no rolling out as other recipe do. The crisps are twice-baked like biscotti and thinly sliced.  They are excellent served with some cheese and wine, and they are so addictive!



Northwest Apricot Candy (Cotlets)
Cotlets are a delicious Northwest candy. Cotlets candies are considered a Northwest delicacy.



Venetian Apricot Chicken
Venetian Apricot Chicken
This delicious Venetian Apricot Chicken recipe is courtesy of the Olive Garden Restaurants.Inspired by a tour through the northern Veneto and southern Campagna regions of Italy, the chefs of the Olive Garden Restaurants have created this new entree for their menu.





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