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What About Exercise?

Calories Burn Chart –  Intensity Workout Chart


Every activity you do burns calories.  The more calories you burn, the faster your body uses up incoming fuel (food) intake.  If your requirements exceed the calories provided by incoming fuel, the body dips into its reserves (fat) to supply the energy you need.  By lowering your calorie intake and increasing your activity, you are able to lose weight.  Men burn calories faster than women.  Heavier people burn calories faster than thin people.  Exactly how many calories are expended by any individual will vary.

The following chart gives the approximate number of calories burned per minute of a variety of activities.

For each activity, multiply your exact weight by the number in the per pound column to equal the number of calories burned per minute.  Multiply this number by the number of minutes in that activity to equal total calories burned.



Calories burned per pound per minute (badminton – .044) x (times) your exact weight (140 pounds)  = (equals) total calories burned per minute (6.16 calories burned per minute) x(times)minutes of activity (30 minutes) = (equals) 184.80 total calories burned per activity


Activity (Alphabetical)Calories burned per pound per minute.Your weight- Lbs.Total calories burned per minute.Minutes of ActivityTotal calories burned
Bicycling (5.5 mph).029
Bicycling (9.5 mph).045
Climbing hills (no load).055
Climbing hills (9 lb. load).058
Climbing hills (22 lb. load).064
Dancing, Ballroom.023
Dance, Aerobic, medium.046
Dance, Aerobic, intense.061
Grocery shopping.028
Jumping rope (70 jumps per minute).074
Jumping rope (125 jumps per minute).080
Jumping rope (145 jumps per minute).089
Mowing the lawn.051
Raking leaves.025
running (6-minute mile).115
running (8-minute mile).095
running (9-minute mile).087
Sitting still.009
Skiing, cross-country, walking.065
Skiing, cross-country, uphill.125
Snowshoeing, soft snow.075
Swimming, crawl, slow.058
Swimming, crawl, fast.071
Swimming, breast stroke, fast.074
Table tennis.031
Walking, normal pace, asphalt road.036
Walking, normal pace, fields and hills.037
Weight training, free-weights.039
weight training, circuit training.042


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What About Exercise? Calories Burned Per Minute of Exercise By Weight



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