German Roulade Dinner Menu and Recipes

German Beef Roulades Dinner Menu

This German Dinner Menu is my children’s favorite family dinner.  The original recipe is from my children’s Grandmother, Gertrude Zemp.  

My family loves these wonderful Beef Roulades.  Every major event in our family calls for the preparation of King of Meats and German Creamed Spinach – this includes birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas dinners.

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Cheese Fondue with Petite Rye Bread – Fondue, an ancient Swiss dish, is very easy to prepare, fun to serve, and enjoyable to eat.  It is the perfect dish to gather your friends and family to create a sense of intimacy that is informal and memorable.

German Creamed Spinach
 – This dish is absolutely wonderful!  It is a family favorite at our house for all holidays and special occasions.  Even children like this spinach dish!

Garlic Mashed Potatoes
 – Garlic mashed potatoes are so good!  These are especially good when your add the gravy from the Roulades.

Beef Roulades – King of Meats
 – This is a traditional German dish.  It should be made ahead and reheated in the gravy when ready to serve (the taste is better if this is done).  My family loves these wonderful roulades.  That’s why we call them King of Meats!

German Marble Cake
 – German Marble Cake brings back fond childhood memories for my daughters, as their Grandma always made Marble Cake for them.  Whenever Grandma Gertie knew that company was coming over, she would have her marble cake ready to serve.  It was a simple yellow and chocolate swirled cake made in either a loaf pan or just a cake layer.

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