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Peggy Weaver

Introduction to Peggy Weaver: “I was born in California and lived in Hawaii until 1975. After that, I have lived in California, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, and back to Idaho because of my husband’s computer job.

We now have 3 ferrets, 1 dog, and 3 cats. My hobbies are baking (of course), needlework, stained glass, beading, painting, master leather tooler, and I’m a licensed pilot (yes, I used to own my own plane).

I have a few precious things that I never want to lose in this life: my husband and my daughter and her family. All other things I can gather together again. My motto: I believe that folks come into my life, at the right time, to teach and guide me. All I have to do is listen, observe, and follow through.”


Peggy Weaver’s Baking Corner – Cakes:

All of the cakes, cookies, and cookie cutters listed below have detailed decorating instructions.

cake decorated to look like a ski slope with small plastic pine trees and a skier

Ski Slope Cake
It is cold outside where I live and the local ski areas are making a fine living. Many busy folks need to take a cake to a Christmas or winter gathering so here is an easy one that the kids can help with.

dome shaped cake decorated with white frosting

Chocolate Amaretto Snowball Cake
Many folks need a fairly easy cake that is dressed up for the Holidays. That is what the Snowball cake is. For this Saturday’s party, I made an Amaretto Chocolate Cake with Buttercream Icing.

sheet cake decorated to look like a crop field with a tractor driving through itCrop Circle Cake
It is Fall and many of the farmers seem to have trouble at this time of year with strange things in their fields. I think I found out part of the problem. It’s those darn UFO’s that are making Crop Circles and spooking all of the critters.

cupcake frosted to look like an ear of cornEar of Corn Cupcakes
This is the best time of year for corn on the cob so I decided that I should make corn decorated cupcakes. I love to find more uses for a specialty pan so for this cupcake we are going to use for the Mini Easter Egg pan.


white sheet cake in the shape of a dress on a silver sheet

Baptismal/Christening Cake
With lots of June brides, there are lots of babies. I made this for my friends. This cake will be very easy to make and to decorate. My thought here is that friends and family members that plan baby occasions are also usually very busy people.


green cake decorated with dogwood flowers | baking corner

Dogwood Cake
Working with gum paste scares many people, but it can be as simple or as hard as you want it to be. I have started teaching the Dogwood because it is a very simple flower to make and quite impressive to look at.


turquoise cake in the shape of a business tie decorated with a heart and the word "dad" | baking corner

Father’s Day Tie Cake
Father’s are very special people and we should show them everyday how much we care and do something special on Father’s Day.

Triangle Cake a white dish garnished with edible flowers | baking corner

Mother’s Day Triangle Cake
Most likely a young person will be making a dessert for Mom on Mother’s Day. This is a simple version of a Triangle Cake.



round cake decorated with white and red roses on a red plate | baking cornerValentine’s Day Cake
This year for Valentine’s Evening celebration, I decided to make a 6-inch cake because an intimate dinner for two calls for a smaller dessert.

cake in the shape of a top hat decorated with red white and blue frosting | baking corner

4th of July Top Hat Cake
For 4th of July, I think of Uncle Sam where his finger points at you and says “I want YOU.” One of the things that strike me is his Top Hat, so I decided to do something about it.


Sunflower Cupcakesmany cupcakes decorated with sunflowers in rows on a white surface
This style of decorating is about the easiest there is. Techniques are almost exactly the same for Daisies, Sunflowers and Poinsettias.

Easter Egg Cake on a silver cake stand | baking corner

Easter Egg Cake
This Easter Egg Cake is a dense and moist cake that will hold its shape under the weight of what can be a heavy bit of icing and decorations.


Peggy Weaver, author of Peggy’s Baking Corner, has generously answered all the below questions on cake baking during the last 15 years. Peggy will not be able to continue with the Question and Answer pages in the future. She thanks you for all your interesting questions.

Fondant Icing/Covering:

Fondant Icing Recipe – Marshmallow Fondant
Recipe and tutorial on making and using marshmallow fondant icing.

Making Fondant Icing
Q&As on making fondant icing.

Fondant Recipes
Additional fondant recipes plus Q&As on making other flavors of fondant icing.

Bubbles in the Fondant
What causes bubbles in your fondant icing and how to fix the problem.

Covering Cakes with Fondant Icing
Peggy’s hints and tips for covering your cakes with Fondant Icing.

Decorating Cakes with Fondant Icing
How to add color, how to make fondant flowers, using fondant decorations, repairing tears, and much more.

Marbling Fondant Icing
Learn how to marble fondant icing.

Buttercream Icing/Covering:

Buttercream Icing 101
Recipe and tutorial on making and using buttercream icing.

Buttercream Recipes
Additional buttercream recipes plus Q&As on making other flavors of buttercream icing.

Decorating with Buttercream
How to use decorations on buttercream icing.

Wedding Cakes:

Assembling Cakes/Wedding Cakes

Cake Fillings
How to use caking fillings with wedding cakes.

Decorating Wedding Cakes
Lots of Q&A’s on decorating wedding cakes.


Other Cake Baking and Decoration Topics:

Recipes & Baking Ingredients
Q&As on different cake baking ingredients.


Cookies & Cookie CuttersComments From Bakers

Peggy’s Cake Decorating Idea Photos
This idea page has photos only and no decorating instructions.


Cookies & Cookie Cutters

Comments From Bakers

Peggy’s Cake Decorating Idea Photos
This idea page has photos only and no detailed decorating instructions.


Cookies and Cookie Cutters:


many completed Ginger Bread House Cookies in rows on a white surfaceSnow Flake Cookies from Baking corner on a grey surface
Gingerbread Cookies

The gingerbread houses are about 4×4 inches. I make my own cookie cutters using a coil of copper 1-inch wide.

Snowflake Cookies

These cookies are so gorgeous! They make great gifts if you make little holes and thread them through with ribbon to hang from a tree or window. They don’t necessarily have to be eaten.


Make Your Own Cookie Cutters Make your own Cookie Cutters and Gumpaste Cutters


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8 Responses to “Peggy Weavers Baking Corner”

  1. Sandra Moyer

    Hi Peggy,
    Could you clarify the measured amount of marshmallows in your fondant recipe? The bag I purchased reads 10 ounces. I did follow your recipe adding 2 cups of marshmallows (16 oz.?) as I cut the recipe in half just to get a feel for it. My plan is to make woodland animals that will nest on a tree stump cake. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Sandra Moyer

    • Linda Stradley

      16 ounces white mini-marshmallows is correct.

  2. Teresa Titus

    Where can I find your white wedding cake recipe?

    • Linda Stradley

      We do not have a white wedding cake recipe posted on the web site.

  3. Mia Klar

    I am making a 3 layer cake filled with strawberry preserves – which is for tomorrow afternoon – I would like to know if I filled it today will it be mushy tomorrow?

    • Linda Stradley

      I would personally wait and add the strawberry preserves just before serving.

  4. Sue Serpe

    For the Easter Egg Cake I don’t have Egg board and I have no money. Along the grocery store we shop at the card is only for groceries only. My question is do I have to cake boards?

    • Linda Stradley

      How about making your cake board. Check out the following website: Making Cake Boards


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