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I have a recipe that calls for peppermint oil.  Can the peppermint extract be substituted and where can you buy the oil?  It is supposed to be a sensitive recipe, so I was not sure if they are the same or interchangeable.  Thank you for your help. – J. Timmer (12/9/00)




Concentrated oils are stronger than extracts and it takes less oil than an extract when flavoring foods.  I have heard that you would use 1/3 less of extract.  I have not tried doing this and I can not find information on substituting, so I can not guarantee it.

Let your nose and taste buds be the true judges of how much to use and experiment.  Start with a little, as you can also add more.

Peppermint oil can be obtained at drug stores, cooking supply shops, and can be ordered on the internet.




I was doing research today about what is Peppermint oil and ways to substitute it.  I came across your site along with one other.  This other site I found says 1/4 tsp of flavor-based oil may be substituted for 1 tsp of extract of the same flavor.

I thought that this information would be helpful for your answer to Peppermint oil vs. peppermint extract.  I hope that you find it helpful and I will find out this weekend if it is correct! – Michelle Guydosh (11/30/01)



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