Flaming Pineapple Bowl with Shrimp Dinner – Menu and Recipes

Flaming Pineapple Bowl with Shrimp Dinner Menu

Flaming Pineapple Bowl Dinner with Shrimp is quite simple to make even as it looks quite wonderfully complex and colorful.  When you serve the shrimp mixture inside a scooped out Pineapple, it becomes the star of your dinner!  I created and prepared this great six-course dinner party menu for a gourmet dinner that I put up for a local charity auction to benefit the Hillsboro School Foundation in Hillsboro, Oregon.


Flaming Pineapple Boat Dinner menu collage1st Course – Appetizers:

California Rolls – American-style sushi rolls using fresh fruits of your choice.

Making sushi at home is easy to do.  Ingredients and equipment can be found at Japanese and Asian foods stores, and at most large grocery stores.

Sushi making does requires a small amount of initial practice.  Do not be afraid to try!  You can use the techniques for making the California Rolls to make other variations with different fillings as sushi rolls are extremely versatile and you can make endless varieties.  To make Fruit Sushi Rolls, just substitute fresh fruits of your choice and place on top of the rice before rolling.  Be creative!

2nd Course – Palate Cleanser:

Gazpacho Soup with Avocado Creme Fraiche
This Gazpacho Soup is so easy to make and so delicious!   A must make soup when you can get vine-ripened tomatoes.

3rd Course – Salad Course:

Grilled Fig and Arugula Salad
The combination of flavors in this delicious salad will send you to new heights in flavor.  Your guests will absolutely adore this salad.

4th Course – Main Course:

Flambe Seafood Pineapple Boat
Using the pineapple shells makes a very dramatic, exotic, and beautiful presentation!  This wonderful dish will definitely delight your family and friends.  Learn how to flambé.

5th Course – Cheese Course:

Gorgonzola with Honey
This is a very simple and utterly spectacular cheese course!  Serve with a heavy red wine, port wine, or any dessert wine.  

6th Course – Dessert:

Panna Cotta with Fresh Berries
Panna Cotta literally translates as “cooked cream” in Italian.  Panna Cotta is the perfect dessert, whether you’re throwing a fancy party or a small one!  These softly set and creamy Italian puddings are so silky-smooth they slip down beautifully at the end of a meal.  Perfect served with fresh berries or fruits according to the season.  They are also perfect for dinner parties because they can be made a day or two in advance and kept refrigerated until ready to be served.

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