Shrimp Recipe Collection

Shrimp Recipe Collection – How To Cook Shrimp

Shrimp Cocktail display on a blue table clothLots of delicious and healthy shrimp recipes that can be served to all your family and friends anytime of the year.  This Shrimp Recipe Collection includes appetizers, main entrees, and salads.  Check them out!

Along with this shrimp recipe collection you can also learn about Purchasing, Deveining, Cooking, Brining, and Etiquette of Shrimp.

Dinner Party Menus Using Shrimp:  Easy Paella Dinner, Flaming Pineapple Boat with Shrimp, San Francisco Cioppino Dinner, Spanish Paella Dinner, Taste of California Dinner


Anytime Balsamic Shrimp
This recipe is by cookbook author Julee Rosso, owner of the Wickwood Inn in Saugatuck, MI.  Julee says, “This is one of my all-time favorite dishes, and it couldn’t be simpler.”

Baked Stuffed Shrimp with Clams

Very easy to prepare and so good! Very easy to prepare and so good!  Can be used either as an appetizer or a main course.

Grilled Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp
This recipe is so easy to make!  What could be easier than grilling the shrimp for a tasty appetizer?

Grilled Shrimp with Lime
These lime grilled shrimp are so tasty and so easy to make.  The lime/garlic flavor makes this dish a standout.  This is truly a “finger-licking” food!

Grilled Shrimp with Truffle Oil Vinaigrette
Nothing is better than these wonderful shrimp with truffle oil!

Killer Shrimp
Your guests and family will definitely love these shrimp!

Shrimp Appetizer Supreme
These shrimp are fabulous!  Sure to impress your guests.  This is one of my “fall back to” appetizer recipes.

Shrimp Cheese Ball or Spread
This is my mother’s favorite recipe to bring to our Christmas Eve celebration every year.  It is easy to make and a favorite of our family.  This is also excellent as a sandwich spread.

Shrimp Cocktail
What could be easier and more delightful than a shrimp cocktail to start off your meal?  Plus this delicious shrimp cocktail will not wreck your diet.

Shrimp Cream Cheese
This appetizer has got to be the easiest ever to make.  No cooking, no mixing, no cutting up – just assemble the ingredients and serve.  What could be easier?

Shrimp Martini Ceviche
For a wonderful refreshing first-course presentation, serve this delightful ceviche martini.  The acidity of the lime juice actually “cooks” or “pickles” the shrimp and firms the flesh.

Shrimp Won Tons
These are fabulous!  Sure to impress your guests.

Bacon-Wrapped Buffalo Shrimp
Bacon-Wrapped Buffalo Shrimp is a wonderful and spicy shrimp appetizer that is especially a favorite of men.  This is one of the first appetizers that will disappear at a party.


Bayou Shrimp
I’ve slightly adapted this delicious recipe originally from Debra Kelly of Wheeling, IL.  Debra was a 1998 Pillsbury Bake-Off winner with this recipe.  Give this recipe a try as it is delicious! My husband gave this fantastic recipe a “10” rating.

Creamy Grits and Shrimp
One of the most popular dishes in Charleston is creamy grits with shrimp.  Every restaurant seems to have their own version of this favorite dish, the following is my version.

Creamy Seafood Casserole
This makes a wonderful casserole for company with its rich, creamy goodness in every bite!  The additions of fennel, leek, garlic, and fresh herbs add a delightful depth of flavors to the dish.

Flambe Seafood Pineapple Boat
I created this dish for a gourmet dinner that I put up for a local charity auction to benefit the Hillsboro School Foundation.  Using the pineapple shells makes a very dramatic, exotic, and beautiful presentation!  This wonderful dish will definitely delight your family and friends.

Fusilli with Shrimp, Tomatoes, and Basil
This is a quick and healthy pasta dish that is very tasty.  Use the freshest ingredients you can get, especially the tomatoes.  We loved the touch of balsamic vinegar in the background.

Linguine with Shrimp
An easy-to-make and so delicious linguine dish with shrimp!

Paella – Mixed Paella Valenciana
Paella is built up from four basic elements: seafood and meat, sofrito, rice, and broth.  I used a chicken breast, shrimp, and Portuguese chourico (chorizo).

Paella – Chef Brandon Frohne’s Paella
Recipe by Chef Brandon Frohne, an award winning 4th generation Chef and Winery Chef at the acclaimed Chateau an Winery and Resort in Braselton, Ga.

Paella – Shrimp Paella
A good bottle of wine, salad, and bread are all you need to make a terrific dinner with this wonderful paella.  The amounts of the ingredients are relative and it does not matter if you use more of one and less of another or chose not to use some at all.

Seafood Spaghettini with Herbs and Fresh Lemon
A simple green salad dressed with a light vinaigrette and some crusty bread is all you need with this tasty dish.

Shrimp and Grits
This recipe is a variation of a highly popular Shrimp and Grits tailgating dish served at tailgating feasts throughout the South.

Shrimp Caprese
Inspired by a tour through the northern Veneto and southern Campagna regions of Italy, the chefs of the Olive Garden Restaurants have created this new entree for their menu.

Shrimp Etouffee
A famous Louisiana dish. This is wonderful!  My husband gave this fantastic recipe a “10” rating.

Shrimp Jambalaya
Another famous Louisiana dish.  Jambalaya could be a second cousin of gumbo – the recipes are similar with the exception of cooked rice.

Jambalaya with Roasted Lemon
This is a fun recipe to make, easy, and worthy of guests. Prepare and assemble all the ingredients ahead of time and the rest is quick.  The best part is that you only use one pot.

Shrimp Pork Wontons
This recipe was shared with me by Kim Kuna or Portland, Oregon.  Kim tutored my daughter, Nancy Hartman, and myself in the art of making and folding wontons.

Tournedos of Veal with Shrimp and Chantrelles
I adapted this recipe from the cookbook Dining By Fireflies – Unexpected Pleasures of The New South by the Junior League of Charlotte, North Carolina.  This recipe was shared with me by my friend Andra Cook of Raleigh, North Carolina.  Andra served this outstanding dish to her gourmet group.

Shrimp Risotto with Chive Gremolata
This is a lovely dish, full of fresh flavors, and the comfort of creamy Arborio rice.  This risotto is very pretty served along with a fresh salad of fresh butter lettuce, radicchio, and a citrus vinaigrette.


Bread Salad with Grilled Shrimp & Walla Walla Onions
An excellent salad to serve with your favorite wine.

Mango Salad with Grilled Shrimp
This is a definite make-again dish.  This makes an excellent starter course, and is equally great as a light luncheon dish.  If you want to impress guests, this one is the dish to make!

Shrimp Cole Slaw
This is so easy to make and is absolutely wonderful.  My mother makes this cole slaw for all our family gatherings.

Shrimp Cocktail
What could be easier and more delightful than a shrimp cocktail to start off your meal?  Plus this delicious shrimp cocktail will not wreck your diet.
Soups and Stews:

Frogmore Stew
Also known as Low Country Boil and Beaufort stew.  This dish comes from the African-American Gullah culture of the Sea islands (the seas Islands area are a cluster of islands that stretch along the coasts of South Carolina and northern Georgia).

San Francisco Cioppino
Cioppino (pronounced chuh-PEE-no) is considered San Francisco’s signature dish, and no trip to this West Coast city would be complete without a bowlful.  Because of the versatility of the ingredients, there are numerous recipes for it.  It all depends on the day’s catch of your personal choice.

Seafood Gumbo – New Orleans Style
Leo Neil of Crosby, Texas generously shared this Gumbo recipe with me.  Leo says, “I’m very passionate about New Orleans traditional cooking and it’s a shame to what culinary level the mighty gumbo has sunk.  I always try gumbo in restaurants and I’ve been to some of the best, but they NEVER get it right.”

Shrimp and Scallop Soup with Tomatoes and Basil
This delicious Shrimp and Scallop Soup recipe and photo were shared with my by Karen Calanchini, Food Stylist and Photographer, of Redding, CA.  Karen says, “I’ve made this fabulous soup dozens of time and always with rave reviews from my guests.”



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