Anchovy and Anchovy Paste

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Anchovy/Herring    Baking Hints & Tips   


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Anchovy and Anchovy Paste


An anchovy is good for you and they are delicious!  Learn how just a little bit of anchovies can perk up a dish.  People who claim to dislike these fish, just have not tasted them prepared and served right.  Give them a try and learn to love cooking with them!

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Green Goddess Salad DressingAnchovy:

Anchovy is tiny silver fish that are a member of the herring family, about 3 inches long, native to the Mediterranean and southern European coastlines.  They are sold whole, and salt-packed or, more commonly, filleted and packed in oil (olive oil is best).  The most popular and tasty are the ones in olive oil and salt.

A filleted anchovy is ready to use, but always taste a newly opened can of anchovies before using in a recipe.  If they are too salty, rinse the fillets well in warm water, then pat dry on paper toweling.  The oil in which the anchovies were packed should be discarded unless a recipe specifies otherwise (it will be too fishy and salty to use in the majority of recipes).  Whole anchovies require more work to remove the heads, tails, and backbones.  They also need to be rinsed of excess salt.

NOTE:  If you are not familiar with strongly flavored ingredients such as anchovies, add them to your dish in very small amounts so that you can control the taste and balance the flavors.

Please do not be tempted by bargain-priced anchovies.  The really good ones are never cheap and the cheap ones are likely to be the really awful tasting ones that have give anchovies a bad name.

If using canned anchovies, do not keep the leftover ones in the tin.  Remove them, curl them into rolls, put them in a small airtight container, cover them with extra-virgin olive oil, and refrigerate.  For the most intense flavor, use within six months.

1 (2-ounces) can = 7 to 10 anchovy fillets

1 (2-ounces) can = 3 tablespoons mashed anchovy

1 anchovy fillet = 1/2 teaspoon mashed anchovy



Anchovy Paste:

Anchovy Paste

Anchovy Paste is ground anchovy fillets ground to a paste, then blended with salt and a small amount of sugar (to mellow the flavor.  For dishes that use just a touch of anchovy, the convenience of the squeezable tube can not be beat.

1 (2 ounces) tube of anchovy paste = 5 tablespoons or 1/4 cup chopped anchovies

1/2 teaspoon anchovy paste = 2 anchovy fillets

1 teaspoon mashed anchovies = 1 teaspoon anchovy paste


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