Blue Cheese Gougere

Blue Cheese Gougeres Recipe

These outstanding Blue Cheese Gougeres are the traditional harvest snack for the grape growers and winemakers of burgundy.  This version was created with blue cheese to complement Oregon’s wonderful Pinot Noir … Continued

Blue Cheese and Spiced Walnut Terrine Recipe

Blue Cheese and Spiced Walnut Terrine Recipe

  This Blue Cheese and Spiced Walnut Terrine Recipe is absolutely wonderful.  Because of its richness, I do not recommend serving this terrine as a dinner course, but as an … Continued

Truffle Custard with Crab and Caviar

Truffle Custard with Crab and Caviar Recipe

Truffle Custard with Crab and Caviar appetizer is infused with  truffle oil and garnished with caviar – plus the wonderful crab in the custard recipe.  So beautiful and so delicious!  The … Continued

Caviar deviled eggs

Uptown Caviar Deviled Eggs Recipe

Uptown Caviar Deviled Eggs take stuffed eggs to a new level.  By adding caviar, the taste becomes sensational and the eggs very gourmet! Deviled eggs involve a mixture of mashed egg … Continued

Cucumber Zucchini Agua Fresca

Cucumber Zucchini Agua Fresca Recipe

Agua Fresca de Pepino y Calabacin My daughters came across this unique and very refreshing Cucumber Zucchini Agua Fresca at a local farmer’s market this weekend.  This drink really hit … Continued

Infused Wate

Cucumber, Lavender, Mint Infused Water Recipe

 Making Infused or Spa Waters Many spas serve fancy waters like this Cucumber, Lavender, Mint Infused Water.  Infused Waters or Spa Waters are so simple to make, plus they are so … Continued

Glass of Rhode Island Coffee Milk

Rhode Island Coffee Milk Recipe and History

There is a lot more to Rhode Island than just being the smallest state in our nation.   Certain foods have become statewide traditions and part of the state’s history. … Continued

Smoked salmon and caviar terrine

Smoked Salmon and Caviar Terrine Recipe

  These Smoked Salmon and Caviar Terrine is an elegant make-ahead dish.  This is excellent for the busy holiday season or any time of the year.  In fact, nothing says … Continued

Smoked Salmon Roulades

Smoked Salmon Roulades Recipe

These Smoked Salmon Roulades make an easy yet elegant brunch,  breakfast, or appetizer dish to serve your family and guests.  Smoked Salmon Roulades will add a touch of class of any … Continued

Smoked Salmon and Caviar Pizza

Smoked Salmon and Caviar Pizza Recipe

Smoked Salmon and Caviar are a delicious combination in this fantastic gourmet Smoked Salmon and Caviar Pizza.  This is a very easy-to-make and very gourmet appetizer or starter dish for the … Continued

Caviar Torte

Caviar Torte or Caviar Pie Recipe

  Caviar Torte or Caviar Pie is always a crowd pleaser as everyone seems to enjoy it!  Whatever name it is called, it is so elegant to look at and … Continued

Classic Caviar Plate

Classic Caviar Plate Recipe

Classic Caviar Plate is a very romantic way to impress your special love one or guests!  My special time to serve this caviar plate is on New Year’s Eve. Caviar … Continued

Caviar Egg Salad Recipe

This Caviar Egg Salad is an easy to make, yet very gourmet recipe.  It is a great way to introduce caviar to your guests. Using Caviar in Egg Salad is also a way to … Continued

American Caviar

American Caviar – Think American Caviar!

  “The roe of the Russian mother sturgeon has probably been present at more important international affairs than have all the Russian dignitaries of history combined.  This seemingly simple article … Continued

Radish Sandwich

Spring Radish Sandwich Recipe

In the Spring, when the young radishes are available, this Spring Radish Sandwiches is absolutely wonderful!  The radishes are like little jewels and are so sweet and crunchy.  I would … Continued