Slow-Cooked Grilled Chicken Breast Dinner – Menu and Recipes

Slow-Cooked Grilled Chicken Breasts Dinner

This slow-cooked Grilled Chicken dinner from Dr. Bob is so good that you will immediately put it on your “A” list.  My husband gave this chicken a “10” rating!

Slow Cooked Chicken Breasts dinner menu collage

1st Course – Appetizers:

Asparagus and Avocado Wraps
These Asparagus and Avocado Wraps are fabulous and also low-fat and low calorie! Sure to impress your guests.

Tarragon-Rice Stuffed Mushrooms
A very easy to make and delicious stuffed mushrooms that can be made ahead of time.

2nd Course – Seafood:

Crab Cakes with Green Onion Sauce
You will not believe how wonderful these crab cakes are.  My husband thinks that they could win an award. Y ou be the judge!

3rd Course – Soup:

Celery Root Soup with Truffle Oil
This very unusual Celery Root Soup with Truffle Oil tastes fantastic. Celery Root and Truffle Oil go wonderfully together. 

4th Course – Main Course and Side:

Dr. Bob’s Grilled Chicken
This slow-cooked Dr. Bob’s Grilled Chicken is so good that you will immediately put it on your “A” list.  My husband gave this chicken a “10” rating!

Watercress and Mushroom Salad
So simple and so good!  This is sure to become one of your family’s favorite salads.

5th Course – Dessert:

Chocolate Souffle
The traditional chocolate souffle recipes scares me as they sound too complicated and can be a challenge!  This version is foolproof and very easy to make.  You can even make this souffle batter ahead of time and refrigerate until ready to bake.  The secret to this souffle is using sweetened condensed milk.  Be prepared, as this souffle is very rich and will definitely satisfy any chocolate craving.  Give it a try!

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