Corn Recipe Collection

Corn Recipe Collection

Corn Recipes – How To Cook Corn – Grits Recipes Learn how to cook perfect corn every time find your next favorite recipe from our large Corn Recipe Collection. Pick from … Continued

Poached Eggs and Tomato

Egg Recipe Collection

  Egg Recipes and Techniques This large collection of outstanding egg recipes is the best source for delicious and quick breakfast recipes and ideas using eggs. Recipes includes everyday to … Continued

Salads and Salad Dressing Recipes

Salad Recipe Collection

The best trusted Salad Recipe Collection available on the internet.   A large and varied selection of outstanding salad and salad dressing recipes, including vegetable salads, pasta salads, potato salads, coleslaw … Continued

Sauces and Condiments Recipes

Sauces and Condiments Recipe Collection

Sauce and Condiment recipes to take your cooking to new heights. We have a comprehensive list of sauces that are homemade, delicious and easy-to-make.  Condiments are used to enhance our foods … Continued

Butter-Poached Lobster Dinner – Menu and Recipes

Butter-Poached Lobster Tails Dinner Menu Butter-Poached Lobster Tail dinner menu is a fantastic gourmet dinner with seven courses.  I served this Butter-Poached Lobster Tails dinner on New Year’s Eve.  This … Continued

Lamb Roast with Port Wine Dinner

Lamb Roast with Port Wine Dinner – Menu And Recipes

Lamb Roast with Port Wine Dinner You will look for an excuse to make this delicious Lamb Roast with Port Wine Dinner Menu again and again. Smells good, looks good, and … Continued

Christmas Turkey Dinner

Holiday Dinner – Menu and Recipes

Your holiday dinner is one meal of the year that you usually know what to expect and what you will be eating. Different areas of the United States have different … Continued

Holiday Open House

Holiday Open House – Menu and Recipes

Holiday Open House – Menu and Recipes This holiday season, why not host a holiday open house? A Holiday Open House is an old fashioned way to entertain during the Christmas … Continued

Truffle Dinner – Menu and Recipes

Truffle Dinner – Menu and Recipes This Truffle Dinner Menu came about because my husband and I wanted to taste truffles. We went to an expensive truffle dinner at a … Continued

Food Nutrition Chart

This Food Nutrition Chart is a “work in progress,” and I’m always adding new food items.  If you have some food items that should be added to this list, please feel … Continued

Stocking Your Kitchen Pantry

Stocking Your Kitchen Pantry – I have been asked these questions several time by readers. “How To Stock Your Kitchen Pantry?” and “What kinds of ingredients do I need to keep … Continued

Perfect Risotto

How To Make Perfect Risotto

Risotto Hints and Tips – Risotto Etiquette – How To Make Risotto Ahead of Time Risotto is the classic rice dish of Northern Italy.  In Italy, risotto, like pasta, is considered the … Continued

Flageolet Beans

Flageolet Beans

Questions and Answers – What are Flageolet Beans?   Question: I recently came upon a recipe that calls for flageolet beans but couldn’t find them in my local supermarket – … Continued

Homemade Blender Mayonnaise

How to Make Homemade Mayonnaise

  Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe – Blender or Food Processor Instructions   Fresh, homemade mayonnaise is so much better tasting than the store-bought commercial mayonnaise.  It is easy-to-make, inexpensive, and so … Continued

Retro Dinner Party Menus

Tea Travels!™… Retro Dinner Party Menus by Ellen Easton ©2020  – All Rights Reserved Check out more of Ellen Easton’s Tea Travels™ articles and recipes. Learn about the History of … Continued