Cherry Recipes - Recipes Using Cherries

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Cherry Pie

Sour, Tart, or Pie Cherries

Learn about Tart Cherry Hints, Tips, and Information

Cabernet-Cherry Filet Mignon
The Cabernet-Cherry Sauce is so delicious! You'll absolutely love steak prepared this way. You can either cook the steak by Pan-Searing or a very easy technique called Sear-Roasting.

Cherries Jubilee
This is a very simple but impressive dessert to serve your guests.

Cherry Delight
Very rich and wonderful tasting! This is my personal favorite dessert using fresh sour cherries. My husband and I used to have a sour cherry orchard on our land. We now grow pinot noir grapes.

Cherry Pie
This is a fantastic cherry pie. During fresh cherry season, this is a must to make. In the other months, use canned pie cherries.

Cherry Wine Galette
A beautiful and easy dessert to make. Very rustic looking and elegant. Great winter dessert that is not too filling or rich. Open-face tarts called galettes are popular French fare.

Chilled Sour Cherry Soup
This recipe is by Executive Chef, Andreas Sommerfeld, of the Holland American Cruise Line on the Oosterdam ship.


Sweet Cherries

Black Cherry Sauce
This Black Cherry Sauce is absolutely great on cakes and ice cream. Especially chocolate cakes!

Cherry & Blue Cheese Salad
Mmm! This is delicious. I like to use pinot noir wine in the dressing since we make our own wine.

Cherry Bon Bon Cookies
I slightly adapted this wonderful cookie recipe. Original recipe and photo from the Northwest Cherry Growers. These cookies are so good that you will think you are eating candy.

Cherry Clafouti
This is an easy-to-make dessert using fruit suspended in a batter similar to that used for crepes. Substitute a pound of pitted plums, peaches, berries, sliced apples or any other fresh fruit, if you wish.

Cherries In Pinot Noir Wine
A delicious wine to serve fresh cherries.

Chocolate Panna Cotta with Port-Balsamic Cherries
I adapted this recipe from the Bon Appetit Magazine, August 2004. This dessert is so fantastic! Serve this with some port wine.

Cherry Pie Ramekins with Ice Cream
A quick and easy way to serve cherry pie.

Maraschino Cherry

Learn about the interesting Maraschino Cherries.

Cherry Bon Bon Cookies
These cookies are so good that you will think you are eating candy.

Cherry Lemonade
A beautiful to look at and a delicious version of lemonade.

Chocolate Fruit & Nut Easter Egg Candy
Why spend money on stale Easter candy when you can very easily make your own? Surprise your family and friends with this delicious candy. These Easter candies are so delicious and so rich! You could substitute any candied fruit of your choice for the cherries. I just like the cherries!

Chocolate Sundae Cookies
These cookies remind me of the chocolate pinwheel cookies. I believe this cookie recipe is an older Pillsbury Cook-Off recipe winner.


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