Perfect Prime Rib Roast

Perfect Prime Rib Roast Recipe – Cooking Instructions

Learn How to Cook a Perfect Prime Rib Roast Recipe & Cooking Instructions in six easy steps: 1. Prime Rib Size & Purchasing Tips 2. Dry Aging Prime Rib – Optional … Continued

Pulled Pork

Perfect Pulled Pork Recipe – How To Smoke Pork Butt Roast

Pulled Pork may get its origins from the Carolinas, but it has also made its way across to the Western United States and has become a very popular meat to … Continued

Quick Breads

Perfect Quick Bread Hints and Tips

  As the name implies, quick breads can be made quickly and easily.  Quick breads are called “quick” because they have to be baked or cooked immediately after being mixed. … Continued

Perfect Roast Chicken

Perfect Roasted Chicken Guidelines

Guidelines For Perfect Roasted Chicken A roasted chicken in the oven is a beautiful aroma! I can recall many Sunday family dinners enjoying roasted chicken and fighting over who gets … Continued

Perfect Turkey Gravy

Perfect Turkey Gravy Recipe

Perfect turkey gravy, made using the turkey giblet stock, pan drippings, and meat juices from the Roasted Turkey, is an essential part of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving, dinner would … Continued

Perfectly planned picnics

Perfectly Planned Picnics

  How To Plan the Perfect Picnic   Between the no-see-ums and the sunburn, there is still fun to be found out-of-doors in the coming months.  Otherwise, why do we go … Continued

Pickling Salt

Pickling Salt

Questions and Answers – What is Pickling Salt Question: Many pickle recipes I have call for “coarse” salt.  Is coarse salt and canning/pickling salt the same or can be interchangeable? … Continued

Pique Seasoning

Questions and Answers – Pique Seasoning   Question: I have a copy of The Gold Cook Book by Louis P. DeGouy and am reading it through.  It has a lot … Continued

Planning and Organizing Buffets

  Organizing Your Buffet Supper Planning Ahead Creates a Great Gathering   Standing in line, holding a plate, seems to be a welcome holiday ritual.  From Thanksgiving to the company … Continued

Planning Dinner for Tonight

    For Dinner Tonight – A Plan!   Think you are organized in the kitchen? Your lids may march in a row in a lid rack and your silverware … Continued

Plastic Containers – Those Lids Without Tubs

  Solving the mystery of plastic container lids   When teaching organizing classes, I am known to tote about a bag of clutter.  If that sounds odd, imagine trying to explain … Continued

poaching simmering boiling termperature

Poaching vs. Simmering vs. Boiling Temperatures

What is the difference between poaching, simmering and boiling? Is just a matter of temperature degrees, do you know the difference? Be sure and use a good Cooking or Meat Thermometer. This question … Continued

Portabella Mushrooms Nutritional Data

  Questions and Answers – Nutritional Data on Portabella Mushrooms   Question: I hope you can answer this for me.  What is the nutritional value of Portabella mushrooms ? I’ve … Continued


Potato Hints and Tips

Purchasing and Storing Potatoes   Purchasing Potatoes: When shopping for potatoes, look for potatoes that are firm and smooth.  Avoid potatoes with wrinkled or wilted skins, soft dark areas, cut … Continued

Powdered Egg Whites

What are powdered egg whites? Powdered Egg Whites are dried egg white (pure albumen).  It can be reconstituted by mixing the powder with water.  The reconstituted powder whips like fresh … Continued