How to Boil Perfect Eggs

How to Make Perfect Hard or Soft Boiled Eggs

How to Boil Perfect Eggs  The simple and classic boiled egg – full of nature’s most perfect form of protein.  At one time people were concerned about eating eggs because of the amount of … Continued

how to make perfect pie crust

How to Make Perfect Pie Crust – Pie Crust Recipes

Pie Crust Recipes Vegetable Shortening vs. Butter vs. Lard vs. Oil vs. Cream Cheese vs. Vodka Pastry Recipes   The perfect pie crust is both tender and flaky.  It is tender … Continued

Perfect Risotto

How To Make Perfect Risotto

Risotto Hints and Tips – Risotto Etiquette – How To Make Risotto Ahead of Time Risotto is the classic rice dish of Northern Italy.  In Italy, risotto, like pasta, is considered the … Continued

Melt and Temper Chocolate

How to Melt and Temper Chocolate

Guidelines for Melting and Tempering Chocolate     Melting Chocolate and Tempering Chocolate are not the same.   It is not necessary to temper chocolate when it is used as … Continued


How To Microwave Eggs

How To Microwave Eggs Some of the following information is from the The American Egg Board website.   For successful cooking of eggs in your microwave, keep these following points … Continued

How to Mix milk and Tomato

  Questions & Answers – How to mix milk and tomato Soup   Question: When I made a tomato soup the instructions said heat the canned tomatoes and heat the milk. … Continued

How to Organize a Self Serve Bar

  The holidays sometimes push us into the unfamiliar role of bartender.  While signaling a pleasant activity, it might be something you do not have to handle very often.  There are … Continued

How to Organize Herbs and Spices

How to Organize Herbs and Spices

  Some Spicy Ideas   Last month found me out-of-sorts over being out-of-date.  I am still laughing and showing my friends my 15-year old spices. When organizing anything, the first step … Continued

How To Organize Leftovers

    Organize My Leftovers – Please! It is the one organizing request that makes me laugh!   Leaning into the fridge, packed with tiny plastic containers, plastic wrapped mystery items … Continued

How to Organize Linens

How to Organize Linens

  Organizing Linens Takes the Wrinkle out of Entertaining Company put me in a whirl last weekend!   It was not that they were unexpected.  Rather, my day had gone unexpectedly. … Continued

How To Peel Hard-Cooked (Boiled) Eggs

  Questions and Answers – How To Peel Hard Cooked (Boiled) Eggs   Question: How can I get a hard boiled egg to peel without tearing up the white part? … Continued

How To Prepare and Cook Perfect Ham

Cooking A Perfect Ham Ham is always popular to serve for a holiday dinner.  We are sharing our How To Prepare and Cook Perfect Ham resource guide with tips on … Continued

Chile Peppers

How To Prepare Chile Peppers – Chile Pepper Recipe Index

Selection and Storage of Chile Peppers Be careful when you handle any kind of chile peppers.  Chile peppers contain oils which can burn your skin and especially your eyes.  Avoid … Continued

How To Prevent Cheesecake Cracks

  Questions and Answers – How To Prevent Cheesecake Cracks     Question: My cheesecakes always crack on top when baking in the oven.  I have tried setting a pan … Continued

How to Read and Understand Food Labels

Article by Linda Stradley of What’s Cooking America.   Health claims on food packages can be confusing, and it is sometimes hard to reconcile the information of the front of the package with what’s on … Continued