Mini Muffalotta

Mini Muffuletta Recipe

Tailgating – An All-American Tradition: Tailgating is part of our cultural landscape, an open-air culinary ritual inexorably bound to sports and anchored to stadium parking lots and racetrack infields coast … Continued


Mint Leaves – Peppermint and Spearmint

Mint Leaves – Peppermint and Spearmint Peppermint is the premier mint for flavoring candy, gum, and other sweets.  Commercially prepared oil or extract are better for these uses than anything … Continued

Mise En Place

Begin Cooking with Mise En Place   Mise en place means: set up; installation, position; or setting up. There may not be a consensus as to the exact meaning but … Continued

Mixed Greens with Truffle Oil Dressing

Mixed Greens with Truffle Oil Dressing Recipe

  Mixed Greens with Truffle Oil Dressing is a wonderful gastronomic experience. The truffle oil provides a new meaning to salads as there is something about the smell that makes you … Continued

Mock Clotted Cream

Mock Clotted Cream Recipe

  Nothing can actually replace the taste of true Clotted Cream, but this Mock Clotted Cream recipe comes in second. History of Clotted Cream:  Originally from Devonshire County, England, authentic … Continued

Mock Creme Fraiche Recipe

How To Make Mock Creme Fraiche   Mock creme fraiche is not real creme fraiche.  For the real stuff you have to go to France.  Real creme fraiche is what … Continued

Mock Creme Fraiche

Mock Devonshire Cream Recipe

Mock Devonshire Cream recipe gives you a quick solution and time saver for an easy topping for your desserts. Devonshire Cream was originally from Devonshire County, England.  The original Devonshire Cream … Continued

Moka Pot

Moka Pot, Italian Stove-Top Espresso Maker

Learn About Moka Pots – How to Make Coffee With a Moka Pot   A Moka Pot is an Italian steam-based stovetop espresso maker that produces a dark coffee almost … Continued

More Techniques For Cleaning Cast Iron Pans

All NEW cast iron pots and skillets have a protective coating on them which must be removed. American companies use a special food-safe wax; imports are covered with a water-soluble … Continued

Natural Easter Egg Dyes

How To Make Natural Easter Egg Dyes Give the Easter bunny a run for his money by dyeing Easter eggs the natural way, using common foods and flowers.     … Continued

New Year’s Resolutions Should Start In the Pantry

    New Year’s Resolutions Should Start in the Pantry   Author Lea Schneider, a columnist for What’s Cooking America, is a freelance writer and organizational expert whose organizing ideas … Continued

New York Strip Loin Steak Names

Questions and Answers – New York Strip Loin Steak Names     Question: What other name is “New York Strip loin” known? – Robi     Answer:  The New York … Continued

large baking dish with freshly baked northwest cornbread

Northwest Cornbread Recipe

My family loves cornbread! It is easy to make and so good.  Cornbread made in the Northwest is a little sweeter and lighter than the traditional southern cornbread.  I often … Continued

Obesity and Your Health

Why Weight Matters:  Obesity and Your Health Author: Robert Kushner, MD, Wellness Institute, Northwestern Memorial Hospital Medically Reviewed On: January 07, 2002 Source:  The Detroit News   We are a … Continued

Old Bay Seasoning

Old Bay Seasoning Recipe

Questions and Answers – Old Bay Seasoning Recipe   Question: Really like your site!  Provides lots of fantastic variety to our routine weekly family menus.  Thanks a lot!  From you … Continued