How to Resist Overeating

  We need to resist the stimuli tempting us to overeat Sharon Johnson M.S. Associate Professor – Oregon State University Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center     Our relationship … Continued

How To Roast Garlic – Roasted Garlic Recipe:

Learn how to roast garlic – It is so simple!  Oven roasted garlic is milder than raw garlic as the cloves become very mellow and easy to spread after cooking.  In … Continued

How to Shuck Oysters

      Equipment Needed for Shucking Oysters: A stiff bristle brush Heavy protective glove A clean bar towel A good-quality oyster knife (one with a sturdy blade that won’t … Continued

Smoked Turkey

How to Smoke A Turkey

How To Smoke a Perfect Turkey Article by Brad Bolton Another great cooking method to take your turkey flavors to another level is to cook a Smoked Turkey.  Cooking a … Continued

Types of Sugar

How To Soften Brown Sugar

Questions and Answers – How To Soften Brown Sugar     Question: I have a question that I can not remember the answer to.  How do you soften up hardened … Continued

Substitute Baking Soda

How To Substitute Baking Soda

Questions and Answers – Substitute Baking Soda     Question: I recently moved to Germany, but still love to bake good ol’ American chocolate chip cookies.  However, I have encounter … Continued

How To Substitute Buttermilk

Questions and Answers – Buttermilk Substitution   Question: I am from the U.S.A., but I am living in a small town in Sweden for six months and the supermarkets do … Continued

How To Substitute Whole Wheat Flour

Questions And Answers – How To Substitute Whole Wheat Flour     Question: How do I substitute whole wheat flour for white flour?  Does the baking time vary?  Do I … Continued

How To Travel with Cheesecakes

  Questions and Answers – How To Travel with Cheesecakes   Question: I am baking a cheesecake for a friend to take to Thanksgiving and I do not want to … Continued

How To Use A Springform Pan

  How To Use A Springform Pan – Questions and Answers    Cheesecakes are egg based, and they need low heat.  Position baking rack in center of oven and place cheesecake … Continued

Instant Pot Multi-Use Pressure Cooker

How To Use An Instant Pot Multi-Use Pressure Cooker

Guidelines on how to use an Instant Pot Multi-Cooker   Recipes for Instant Pot & Electric Pressure Cookers! You may have been hearing about an Instant Pot and wondering what … Continued

How To Use Leftovers Safely

  Following information is from A Rutgers Cooperative Extension Fact Sheet Leftover foods are cooked foods that you or your family do not eat within 2 hours after they are … Continued

How to Wash Cast Iron Pans

Techniques for Cleaning and Restoring old Cast Iron Cookware How to Wash Cast Iron Pans Care for your cast iron cookware so that you have them for a lifetime. Learn our tips … Continued

Internal Temperature of Chicken and Turkey

  Question: At what temperature and how long should boneless chicken breasts cook in the oven?  I have recipes that calls for 20 minutes and ones for up to 1 … Continued

Invitation to Afternoon Tea

Invitation to Afternoon Tea

  Invitation to Afternoon Tea A considerate and good guest will always be invited back! by Ellen Easton 2004 All Rights Reserved   Check out more of Ellen Easton’s Tea … Continued