Puerto Rican Pork Roast_Pernil al Horno

Puerto Rican Pork Roast Recipe – Pernil al Horno

This is a delicious Puerto Rican pork roast recipe (Pernil al Horno) that makes a wonderful change-up for the holidays.  My sister’s mother-in-law, Regina Perez of New York, introduced our … Continued

Pulled Pork

Perfect Pulled Pork Recipe – How To Smoke Pork Butt Roast

Pulled Pork may get its origins from the Carolinas, but it has also made its way across to the Western United States and has become a very popular meat to … Continued

Pork Spareribs with Apples and Squash Recipe

Pork Spareribs with Apples and Squash makes a complete meal that is an easy-to-make and so delicious!   The combination of flavors from the ingredients is delicious and intensifies even more … Continued

Pork Loin with Pumpkin Sage Bread Pudding Recipe

Pork Loin with Pumpkin Sage Bread Pudding is so delicious and perfect for autumn. The savory Pumpkin Sage Bread Pudding would also make a great side dish for a turkey … Continued

How to Organize Herbs and Spices

How to Organize Herbs and Spices

  Some Spicy Ideas   Last month found me out-of-sorts over being out-of-date.  I am still laughing and showing my friends my 15-year old spices. When organizing anything, the first step … Continued

Small Appliance Storage

Small Appliances May Make a Large Mess   The smell of waffles on the occasional Sunday morning creates memories.  Finding a home for the waffle maker is not as fun. … Continued

Silver Organizing

Silver Organizing

    Silver Organizing Keeps the Shine   If you like to cook, then there is a good chance you like to entertain.  I am on board with you!  I love … Continued

Carolina Pork Tenderloin Pinwheels

Carolina Pork Tenderloin Pinwheels Recipe

I made these delicious Carolina Pork Tenderloin Pinwheels for a dinner party that I hosted.  This recipe was so easy to make and very delicious! These pinwheels were developed in … Continued

Grilled Pork Chops with Lavender Flowers

Grilled Pork Chops with Lavender Recipe

You will definitely love this easy and delicious Grilled Pork Chops with Lavender recipe.  I love using lavender in my cooking, and I am always experimenting with lavender. Try making … Continued

Zucchini Walnut Lasagna

Zucchini Walnut Lasagna Recipe

Zucchini Walnut Lasagna is fabulous and the walnuts in this recipe take this dish to another level!  You will not miss the ground beef meatless meal with the clever combination … Continued

Winter Bean Curry

Winter Bean Curry Recipe

This wonderful Winter Bean Curry recipe was shared with me by Cynthia Katz, food columnist and cooking instructor, of Saskatchewan, Canada. Try making her Winter Bean Curry recipe for your … Continued

Wild Mushroom Lasagna

Wild Mushroom Lasagna Recipe

Wild mushroom lasagna will definitely delight and highlight your mushroom hunting victories.   If you are you a wild mushroom hunter you will love this vegetarian lasagna.   This mushroom lasagna … Continued

Bacon and Black Truffle Macaroni and Cheese

Bacon and Black Truffle Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

Bacon and Black Truffle Macaroni and Cheese is a “kicked up” and very gourmet version of Macaroni and Cheese using Truffle Oil.   Bacon is always a favorite but somehow … Continued

Linguine with Black Truffles

Linguine with Black Truffles Recipe

  Linguine with Black Truffles an exceptional gourmet recipe with the wild, earthy flavor of the truffles.  This wonderful pasta dish would make an excellent first course dish at your … Continued

Hard-To-Use Lower Cabinets

  Get ideas for maximizing your space   Boy, do I ever admire my client’s new kitchen cabinets!  Sure the cabinets are gorgeous on the outside, but what I love … Continued