Butter vs. Oil in Muffins

  Questions and Answers – Butter vs. Oil in Muffins   Question: I have several recipes for muffins and the like that call for cooking oil.  When I make them … Continued

Buttercream Frosting Recipes

Buttercream Frosting Recipes   There are many versions of Buttercream Frosting recipes.  Some are made with eggs and all butter.  Some varieties, you have to cook your sugar to a … Continued

Buttercream Icing Recipes

Buttercream Icing Recipes     Peggy Weaver, author of Peggy’s Baking Corner, has generously answered all the above question on cake baking during the last 15 years.  Peggy will not … Continued

Butterscotch vs. Caramel

Questions and Answers – Butterscotch vs. Caramel   Question: Can anyone tell me the difference between butterscotch and caramel?  A response would be greatly appreciated.   Answer: Butterscotch -The flavor … Continued

Cabbage Recipe Collection

Cabbage – A Low-Calorie and Fiber-Rich Vegetable

  Cabbage Hints and Tips Cabbage is made up of clusters of stiff leaves in overlapping, compact layers.  There are several varieties including green, purple, red, and savoy.  Cabbage belongs … Continued

Calorie Burn Chart

  What About Exercise? Calories Burn Chart –  Intensity Workout Chart   Every activity you do burns calories.  The more calories you burn, the faster your body uses up incoming … Continued

Can Sizes and Equivalents

    Can Sizes and Equivalents – Can Sizes by Weight and Number Many recipes specific a can size rather than a volume size.  This Can Sizes and Equivalents Chart … Continued

Capers, Capparus Spinosa

Capers – What are Capers?

 Capers, Capparus Spinosa Capers, Capparus Spinosa are pickles made from the unopened flower buds of the caper shrub (Capparis spinthe – closely related to the cabbage family), a wild and … Continued

Caramelized Sugar

Caramelizing Sugar Recipe – How To Caramelize Sugar

Caramelizing sugar is a term most often applied to melting sugar until it becomes a caramel color liquid.  Caramelized sugar is simply a mixture of sugar and water cooked until … Continued

Celery Root

Celeriac – Celery Root

  Celery root and celery are members of the same family of vegetables, but Celeriac or Celery Root is not the root of the vegetable you buy called celery.  This … Continued

Ceramic Electric Range Top

    Using Ceramic Electric Range Top with Cast Iron Skillets     Comment from Alan Florence (10/04/06): I use my cast iron skillet on my glass top without any … Continued

Change Your Kitchen Along With Your Hair Color

Change Your Kitchen Along With Your Hair Color – Over the course of the years, I have changed my hair color.  I have changed my fashions.  I have changed states, … Continued

Chef Seasoning Salt Substitute

  Question: My father recently was hospitalized for a stroke.  Because his blood pressure is high he was on a salt restricted diet.  With all of his meal came a … Continued

Chia seeds

Chia Seeds

Health Benefits of the Ancient Chia Seed You have probably heard how important it is to get enough essentials fatty acids (EFAs) in your diet.  Some good food sources containing … Continued

Chicken Shrinkage When Cooking

Questions and Answers – Chicken Shrinkage When Cooking   Question: It seems that by the time I have finished cooking a piece of chicken breast, it has reduced in size. … Continued