Tournedos of Veal

Tournedos of Veal Recipe with Shrimp and Chanterelles Recipe

Tournedos of Veal Recipe with Shrimp and Chanterelles is a recipe that was shared with me by my friend Andra Cook of Raleigh, North Carolina.  Andra served this outstanding dish to her … Continued

Jewish Chicken Soup-Bowl of Soup

Traditional Jewish Chicken Soup Recipe (Jewish Penicillin)

Stovetop and Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Instructions Stovetop Instructions Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Instructions Traditional Jewish Chicken Soup Recipe – Otherwise known as “Jewish Penicillin” Traditional Jewish Chicken Soup is known … Continued

John Folse

Trout en Papillote Recipe

  Louisiana Cuisine with Wine “Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.” – by Benjamin Franklin   Chef John Folse is revered as one … Continued


Turducken History and Recipe

 How To Cook A Turkducken   Turduckens – What the heck is that?  Well, it is a 15 to 16 pound deboned turkey (except for wing bones and drumsticks), a … Continued

Turkey Cranberry Sliders

Turkey Cranberry Slider Recipe

How about surprising your guests with these delicious Turkey Cranberry Sliders? Check out more of Ellen Easton’s Tea Travels™ articles and recipes.  Learn about the History of English High Tea and … Continued

Turkey In Mole Sauce

Turkey in Mole Sauce Recipe

Mole Poblano de Guajolote Everyone can enjoy this traditional Mexican Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner recipe of Turkey in Mole Sauce (Mole Poblano de Guajolote) dinner. Mexican Americans and others have … Continued

uncooked Thanksgiving turkey

Turkey Roasting Guidelines & Tips

 How To Roast Thanksgiving or Christmas Turkey Find all of our helpful tips and tricks for roasting whole turkey in our comprehensive Turkey Roasting Guidelines. What type of whole turkey … Continued

Turkey Stuffing

Turkey Stuffing Recipe

How To Make Turkey Stuffing Whether you call it “stuffing” or “dressing,” what’s not to love about turkey?  Everyone knows that the turkey stuffing is the best part of a turkey dinner … Continued

Turkey Terminology

Turkey Terminology – Types of Turkeys in the Marketplace The package label of the turkey you purchase contains terms regulated by the USDA.  The following list of types of turkeys … Continued

Borscht Soup

Ukrainian Borscht Soup History and Recipe

Stove Top and Slow Cooker Methods Several years ago my daughter Brenda’s dear friend Lena Hennegan, from Russia, hosted a dinner party and served everyone borscht soup as one of … Continued

Valentine Dinner Menu

Valentine Evening Dinner – Menu and Recipes

Valentine Evening Dinner Menu and Recipes Show your love with this delicious and intimate Valentine Evening Dinner for your sweetheart with this romantic and decadent dinner.  Avoid the hassle of the … Continued

Veal Meatballs with Orzo Recipe

Veal Meatballs with Orzo is a very tasty dish using these low calorie wonderful and easy to make veal meatballs. The homemade tomato sauce is absolutely delicious, plus it is … Continued

Veal Scaloppine Piccata Dinner – Menu And Recipes

 Veal Scaloppine Piccata Dinner Menu Veal Scaloppine Piccata Dinner is one of my all time favorites.  It is so good and so very easy to make.  Scaloppine is an Italian … Continued

Veal Scaloppini Piccata

Veal Scaloppini Piccata Recipe

 Scaloppine al Limone Veal Scaloppini Piccata is an easy-to-follow recipe that you will make time and time again.  Scaloppine is an Italian term describing a thin scallop of meat (most … Continued

Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe

Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe – Stovetop, Slow Cooker & Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Instructions   What can be better than a simple meal of Vegetable Beef Soup to warm your … Continued