Decorating tea sandwiches and savories

Decorating Tea Sandwiches and Savories

Decorating Tea Sandwiches and Savories By Ellen Easton 2020 – All Rights Reserved Photos by Ellen Easton 2020 – All Rights Reserved. Check out more of Ellen Easton’s Tea Travels™ … Continued

Deviled Egg Pasta Salad

Deviled Egg Pasta Salad Recipe

Deviled Egg Pasta Salad is delicious, especially if you love deviled eggs.  It is a very easy-to-make salad that taste great it is also deliciously addictive! Deviled egg pasta salad … Continued

Ditalini Pasta Salad

Ditalini Pasta Salad Recipe

Ditalini Pastai Salad is a very refreshing, delicious, and awesome salad.  My family loves this Ditalini Pasta Salad! Fantastic pasta salad to take to a barbecue or pot luck to share … Continued

Dublin Coddle

Dublin Coddle Recipe

Dublin Coddle Recipe & History Stovetop – Oven – Slow Cooker – Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Instructions For St. Patrick’s Day celebrations or any cold winter evening, enjoy a delicious … Continued

Easy Paella Dinner Menu

Easy Paella Dinner Menu and Recipes

Easy Paella Dinner Menu Easy Paella Dinner Menu is a special dinner that is very easy to prepare and serve.  A great opportunity to include your guests in the meal preparation … Continued

Egyptian Stuffed Grape Leaves

Egyptian Stuffed Grape Leaves Recipe

This is a traditional Egyptian Stuffed Grape Leaves recipe shared with What’s Cooking America by Chef Maha Barsoom.  Maha is a personal chef and caterer specializing in Egyptian cooking.  Maha … Continued

Farro Salad with Buttermilk Dressing Recipe

  This colorful Farro Salad with Buttermilk Dressing may be served cold or at room temperature, which I prefer.  Farro is an ancient grain that has long been loved in … Continued

Fava Beans with Jasmine Rice Recipe

The season for Fava Beans is very short, so if you see them at your local Farmer’s Market or are growing them in your garden, give this wonderful Fava Beans … Continued

Pasta Primavera Salad

Feta Cheese Pasta Primavera Salad Recipe

Feta Cheese Pasta Primavera Salad is always a popular salad at gatherings and potlucks. Be sure to make plenty of the this delicious salad because it goes fast! This soothing … Continued

Fettuccine Piccata Pasta

Fettuccine Piccata Pasta Recipe

Fettuccine Piccata Pasta will pleasantly surprise you with it’s wonderful taste.  This vegetarian dish has a great sauce with capers that is easy-to-make, very light and tasty.  This pasta dish is definitely good … Continued

Fettuccine with Baby Artichokes Recipe

Fettuccine with Baby Artichokes Recipe is a delightful and tasty way to use baby artichokes!  Baby artichokes are great to use because with a little trimming you can eat the … Continued

Fettuccini with Sweet Peppers and Pine Nuts Recipe

Fettuccini with Sweet Peppers and Pine Nuts is as beautiful as it is delicious!  It is a rich and tasty vegetarian dish.  You will not even miss the meat! Pasta … Continued

Filo Tomato Tart

Fillo Tomato Tart Recipe

  This Fillo Tomato Tart could be served as an appetizer or as a main entree.  This is one of those recipes that is a “must make” during fresh vine-ripened … Continued

French Onion Tart

French Onion Tart Recipe – Pissaladiere

A French Onion Tart recipe is also known as, Pissaladiere which is a traditional dish in the Alsace region of France located on the eastern border and on the west … Continued

Green Bean Casserole

Fresh Green Bean Casserole Recipe

Fresh Green Casserole dish is made from scratch with fresh garden green beans and mushrooms.  This is not your mother’s Green Bean Casserole recipe using canned beans.  This is a … Continued