Rice with Chiles and Herbs Recipe

This is a very nice Rice with Chiles and Herbs dish with simple and fresh flavors. A nice side dish with bold Mexican food. This recipe, comments, and photo were … Continued

Risotto alla Cucamonga Recipe

Risotto alla Cucamonga Recipe

Despite the unusual name for this Risotto alla Cucamonga recipe, it is wonderful and a much easier way of making risotto.  The sherry makes this dish different from the traditional … Continued

Risotto Alla Milanese

Risotto Alla Milanese Recipe

Risotto Alla Milanese is the classic Italian risotto with Parmesan Cheese and Saffron.  This is a creamy rice dish that gets its vivid color and flavor from the saffron.  This … Continued

Risotto Recipe

Risotto with Chives and Truffle Oil Recipe

This delicious Risotto Recipe with Chives and Truffle Oil dish is so good.  The truffle oil makes this amazing risotto sinfully delicious and so decadent!  Give it a try. Learn How … Continued

Risotto with Corn, Tomatoes, and Basil Recipe

 This wonderful Risotto with Corn, Tomatoes, and Basil dish combines three of my favorite summer ingredients – fresh corn. vine-ripened tomatoes, and basil.  So good!     Learn How To … Continued

Risotto with Poached Pears Recipe

Risotto with Poached Pears makes a fantastic main dish to serve your family or friends.  Poached pears are a delicious treat anytime of the year.  Try them in this wonderful homemade … Continued

Roasted Tomato Spanish Rice

Roasted Tomato Spanish Rice Recipe

Roasting the tomatoes take this Spanish Rice recipe to new heights!  Karen likes to serve this delicious Roasted Tomato Spanish Rice dish with her Tuscan Lemon Chicken. Roasted Tomato Spanish … Continued

Rolled Enchiladas

Rolled Enchilada Recipe

Rolled Enchiladas recipe came from a friend who does not remember who gave it to her.  She said it is an enchilada recipe from the central part of Mexico, near … Continued

Saffron Risotto Recipe

Saffron Risotto Recipe – Risotto alla Milanese

Saffron Risotto or Risotto alla Milanese is a traditional Italian risotto with saffron in it.  To this day, risotto remains the most important staple dish for many people in all … Continued

Salmon and Wild Rice Chowder Recipe

  Salmon and Wild Rice Chowder is a delicious savory fish chowder that is perfect to start off an evening of fine dining or as a hearty dinner with good, … Continued

Salmon Mousse

Salmon Mousse with Cucumber Sauce Recipe

An elegant salmon dish that makes a beautiful presentation to serve your guests.  Salmon mousse with cucumber sauce is very easy-to-make and delicious.  Can be prepared a day or two … Continued

Savory Noodle Kugel Pudding

Savory Noodle Kugel Pudding Recipe

Savory Noodle Kugel Pudding Recipe Ellen Easton shares with us her family recipe for a Savory Noodle Kugel Pudding.  Kugel, also pronounced as koogle or keegal in Eastern European countries, … Continued

Scalloped Oysters

Scalloped Oysters Recipe

Scalloped oysters are fantastic served as a special side dish, first course, or appetizer with crackers.  For many families in some regions of the United States, this dish is a … Continued

Sea Scallops

Sea Scallops Fra Diavolo with Linguine Recipe

I came across this recipe in Cook’s Illustrated Magazine, November 1, 2001, and was fascinated with the flambé part.  So I did my research on how to flambé and proceeded with … Continued

Seafood Pasta Recipe Collection

  Pasta and Rice Dishes with Seafood California Rolls Creamy Grits and Shrimp Linguine with Shrimp Linguine with Smoked Oysters and Spinach Linguine with Smoked Salmon Seafood Gumbo – New … Continued