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Black Bean Salad with Feta
This salad is definitely a winner! It is easy to make, low in fat and calories, and absolutely delicious!  This dish holds up well in the refrigerator for several days.


Cabbage Gratin
This is a lovely, savory, and comforting cabbage dish. We especially love the addition of freshly-grated nutmeg and the Gouda cheese.  This dish is quick to prepare if you have the cabbage cut and cheese grated ahead of time.


Cilantro Cole Slaw
Cilantro lovers will go crazy over this cole slaw recipe.  So simple to make and so good. Try it and find out!


Corned Beef and Cabbage
My family and I look forward to enjoying corned beef and cabbage dinner as part of celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day every year.  This is a great no-fuss meal to serve on Saint Patrick’s Day or any day that you desire.  I typically cook in the slow cooker all day and add the cabbage at the end.


Corned Beef Bubble and Squeak
Bubble and Squeak is a great way to make use of those wonderful Corned Beef and Cabbage leftovers.


Dungeness Crab and Cabbage Salad
The recipe is by Chef Kevin Simonson from the Domaine Carneros Winery in Northern California.


Fish Tacos
These fish tacos were delicious.  We loved the mango tomato salsa.  The white sauce tossed with the cabbage very tasty.


Radicchio, Cabbage and Jicama Cole Slaw
This I also like to use this delicious cole slaw salad to stuff my Spring Rolls.  I sometimes also add shrimp to the salad.


Red Cabbage Salad with Bacon and Goat Cheese
This delicious cabbage salad is a great side dish.  It is so good with the bacon and goat cheese.  This is definitely not a low calorie salad!


Scallop Fish Tacos
A fun way to enjoy the fresh flavors of Mexican cuisine all wrapped up in a soft taco.  This will even work with your diet!


Shrimp Cole Slaw
This is so easy to make and is absolutely wonderful.  Every time I serve this salad it is a big hit and I never have any left over.  My mother, Dorothy Hagerman, made this cole slaw for all our family gatherings.


Simple Apple Cole Slaw
Here is a great coleslaw recipe that is tangy with a slight sweetness to it.  This recipe was shared by a family friend, It’s hard to put your finger on the tasty flavor combination in this coleslaw.  This cole slaw salad always gets compliments and people want to know what ingredients are used.  Try this easy-to-make coleslaw.  Especially good to accompany a barbecued or smoked meat dish!


Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Stuffed cabbage rolls are one of our favorite meals.  Long ago, a recipe was given to me by a German friend, she called it Halupki.  This recipe is the one I was given and have loved for decades.  I have made a few changes over the years, using Passata instead of tomato sauce, using part ground Bison for its leanness, and adding sauerkraut juice to my meat mixture. Enjoy!


Ukrainian Borscht Soup
Several years ago my daughter Brenda’s dear friend Lena Hennegan, from Russia, hosted a dinner party and served everyone borscht soup as one of the courses.  She enjoyed the flavors of the soup so much that she had to ask for Lena’s recipe.  Brenda just recently uncovered the recipe tucked inside one of her cookbooks.


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