Types of Yeast

What is Yeast – How Does Yeast Work

 Types of Yeast – Yeast Equivalents – Testing Yeast What is Yeast? Yeast is a tiny plant-like microorganism that exists all around us – in soil, on plants and even … Continued

Whats Cooking America

What’s Cooking America – Website Upgrade

For the past couple years the What’s Cooking America team has been working quietly behind the scenes to build a new and improved website upgrade, including lots of great new … Continued


Wheat Free Cooking

  Living in a Wheat-Free World – Gluten Free Living Wheat Sensitivities and their Implication for our Daily Bread By Charlotte Bradley   Check out all of Charlotte Bradley’s Healthy … Continued

Eggs in egg carton

Why Do Eggs Float? How To Tell A Bad Egg

Why Do Some Eggs Float? – Fresh Eggs vs. Old Egg   QUESTION: If you have kept eggs past the use before date, try to boil them, and if most … Continued

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate

  Yerba Mate  – The Drink of the Gods By Ellen Easton and Reva Paul ©2007 – All Rights Reserved   Check out more of Ellen Easton’s Tea Travels™ articles … Continued

Zanthan Gum

Question and Answers – Zanthan Gum, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum   Question: In my efforts to follow a gluten-free diet, I have come across an ingredient called zanthan gum.  I found … Continued