Sanding Cast Ion Pans

Sanding Cast Iron Pots

Techniques for Restoring an old Cast Iron Skillet Sanding Cast Iron Pots Learn how to restore old cast iron pots and pans with this unique technique. Breathe new life into … Continued


Sauerkraut History and Information

  Sauerkraut (also known as sourcrout) is a finely-chopped cabbage that is salted and then fermented in its own juice.  Homemade sauerkraut is a world apart from the stuff that … Continued

Scrambled Eggs - Omelets

Scrambled Eggs – Omelets

  Making Perfect Scrambled Eggs and Omelets “There are few things as magnificent as scrambled eggs, pure and simple, perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned.” – James Beard, from his book, Beard on … Continued

Self Cleaning Oven for Cast Iron Pan

Self Cleaning Oven for Cleaning Cast Iron

Techniques for Restoring an old Cast Iron Skillet Self-Cleaning Oven for Cleaning Cast Iron How To Use Your Self-Cleaning Oven Top Clean Cast Iron Pans: Lower both your oven racks … Continued

Sell Date Of Eggs – How Fresh Are Your Eggs?

    Sell Date of Eggs – Date Codes on Egg Cartons   The freshness of an egg is not only determined by the date when the egg was laid, … Continued



    Shiso – Perilla – Kemangi – Beefsteak Leaf Shiso is an herb better known in Asia than the United States.  It is a member of the mint family … Continued

Smoked Brisket Recipe – How To Smoke A Brisket

Smoked Beef Brisket is the meat of choice for barbecuing in the great state of Texas.  In fact, Smoked Brisket is considered the “National Dish of Texas.” Briskets are a … Continued

Sourdough Starter

Sourdough Starter Recipe

Levain, Sourdough, or Starter Whatever you call it – it is the secret to authentic artisan bread    These are all starters leavened from the good bacteria and wild yeasts … Continued

Spelt Flour

Spelt Flour – What is Spelt Flour?

What is Spelt Flour? Article by Charlotte Bradley Check out all of Charlotte Bradley’s Healthy Lifestyles columns. Photo from wikiHow Spelt flour is one of the most popular and widely … Continued

Springform Pan Substitution

  Questions and Answers – Springform Pan Substitution     Question: I am baking a chocolate truffle cheesecake and it requires a springform pan and I do not have on.  … Continued

Stevia Plant


Stevia – A Natural and Healthy Sweetener   What is Stevia? Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) is a species of shrub and herb native to the rain forests of Paraguay.  It is … Continued

Storing Hard Boiled Eggs

  Question: We are preparing (and decorating) some hard-boiled Easter eggs in advance.  How long will they keep in the refrigerator and still be edible? Answer: Check out my article … Continued

Storing Raw Eggs

Storing Raw Eggs

Questions and Answers – Storing Raw Eggs   Question: I have just a quick concern.  I get my eggs from a friend who raises hen and there is no date … Continued

Strawberry Hints and Tips Guide

What is the first thought that comes to your mind, when you think of strawberries? It is probably of a mouth-watering dessert of strawberries mixed with fresh cream?  There’s nothing … Continued

Thanksgiving Dinner Planning

Stress-Free Thanksgiving Dinner Planning Timeline

 How To Host Thanksgiving Dinner Stress Free Thanksgiving Dinner Planning Tips and Checklist It is that time of year again – It is time to begin your Thanksgiving Dinner planning. … Continued