Verjus in a tall glass bottle in front of grapes on the wine

Verjus – Verjuice

  Verjus – The “Wine Friendly” Condiment   Verjus (pronounced vair-ZHOO), sometimes spelled verjuice, is a French term that when translated into English mean “green juice.”  It is a medieval … Continued

Walnut Oil Uses

Questions and Answers – Walnut Oil Uses   Question: Can you tell me the uses of Walnut oil?  A friend gave me a bottle and it has been in the … Continued

Sanding Cast Ion Pans

Warped or Cracked Cast Iron Pots

Techniques for Restoring an old Cast Iron Skillet Warped or Cracked Cast Iron Pots To check the bottom of your pots and pans for flatness, use a straight edge, such … Continued

What are Emrelettes

  Questions and Answers – What are Emreletes?   Question: I have a 1935 recipe book from Sunset Magazine.  The grocery shopping list for one of the dinners calls for … Continued

Romamo Beans

What are Romano Beans

  Questions and Answers –  What are Romano Beans?     Question: I have a recipe which includes Romano beans, but I am not sure what they are.  Have you … Continued

What are Sweetbreads

Questions and Answers – What are Sweetbreads?     Question: What are Sweetbreads?  Can you help?  They are not in your dictionary.  Are they glands or brains– of a cow?? … Continued

How To Freeze Cheesecake

What is a Springform Pan

  Questions & Answers – Definition of Springform Pan   Question: Please tell me the difference between a 9-inch round springform pan and a regular round 9-inch pan?   Answers: … Continued

What is Ancho Powder

Questions and Answers – What is Ancho Powder   Question: Linda, I have a recipe that calls for ancho powder.  Can you tell what this is?   I can’t seem to … Continued


What is Chalazae

Questions and Answers – What is Chalazae?   Question: I have one question about eggs for you – Please clarify what the white stringy stuff is inside of an egg … Continued

What is Dirty Rice

Questions and Answers – What is Dirty Rice   Question: Excellent resource – well done!  You may want to consider adding “dirty rice” to the rice section.  I am trying … Continued


What is Hartshorn?

Questions and Answers – Hartshorn, Bakers Ammonia (Ammonium Carbonate)     Questions: My Mother used to make Christmas cookies that called for 25 cents worth of hearts horn.  I believe the … Continued


What is Parowax

  Questions and Answers – Paraffin Wax, Parawax, Baker’s Wax, or Cooking Wax   Question: I have a question about cooking wax.  I need some for a recipe.  I have searched … Continued

Liquid Pectin vs Powdered Pectin

What is Pectin?

  What is Pectin – It is a natural carbohydrate found in skin, core, and seeds of fruits that enables fruit juice to set up and form a gel.  Commercially, it is made … Continued

Difference between confectioners sugar and powdered sugar

What is The Difference between confectioners sugar and powdered sugar?

Question: What is the difference between confectioners sugar and powdered sugar.  Why do all recipes call it the first and not the second?   Answers: Commercial confectioners’ sugar and powdered … Continued

What is Tomato Paste

Questions and Answers – What is Tomato Paste?     Tomato Paste – What is Tomato Paste? Tomato paste consists of tomatoes that have been cooked for several hours and … Continued