Fromage Frais Cheese

Questions and Answers –  What is Fromage Frais Cheese?   Question: What is Fromage Frais Cheese?  I have a chicken recipe that calls for 6 ounces of fromage frais.  Can you … Continued

Freezing Wedding Cake

  Questions and Answers – How To Freeze Wedding Cake   Question: I will be getting married next month, and I am wondering how to freeze the top tier of … Continued

Flageolet Beans

Flageolet Beans

Questions and Answers – What are Flageolet Beans?   Question: I recently came upon a recipe that calls for flageolet beans but couldn’t find them in my local supermarket – … Continued

Fresh Seafood vs. Frozen Seafood

Questions and Answers – Fresh Seafood vs. Frozen Seafood Information for this page came from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.   When people ask “Is the seafood fresh?” what they … Continued

Travels in Madrid

Food Travels In Madrid-Barajas – Part 10

Travels in Madrid-Barajas, Spain – Part 10 By Nancy Hartman of What’s Cooking America Destino – Madrid-Barajas, Spain: The March In March:  The next day we flew from Málaga to … Continued

Evaporated Milk vs. Regular Milk

Questions and Answers – Evaporated Milk vs. Regular Milk   Question: Can you substitute regular liquid milk (actually I would use soy milk) for evaporated milk in a baking recipe? … Continued

Salmon en Croute

Questions and Answers – Definition of Salmon en Croute   Question: What does Salmon en Croute meant?  Being a court reporter, I hear all kinds of terms.  In a deposition … Continued

What are Emrelettes

  Questions and Answers – What are Emreletes?   Question: I have a 1935 recipe book from Sunset Magazine.  The grocery shopping list for one of the dinners calls for … Continued

How To Cook Eggs

How To Cook Eggs

Eggs – How To Cook Eggs – Egg Recipes  Learn the basic essentials on how to cook eggs.  We also provide helpful egg nutritional information, egg hints and tips and … Continued

Raw Eggs and Pasteurization

Questions and Answers – Raw Eggs and Pasteurization   Question: How do I pasteurize an egg?  I had Tippins (I live in Kansas City) French silk pie yesterday, (Christmas) and, … Continued

Green Scrambled Eggs

Questions and Answers – Green Scrambled Eggs   Question: Our company feeds breakfast every Saturday morning to a group of low income individuals.  The problem, many of us have run … Continued

Dry Heat Cooking

  Questions and Answers – Dry Heat Cooking   Question: What is dry heat cooking?  What are three forms of dry heat cookery? – unknown (9/98)   Answer: Dry Heat … Continued

Brick hard granulated sugar

Brick Hard Granulated Sugar

Questions and Answers – Brick Hard Granulated Sugar   Question: I use quite a bit of bakers special sugar so I buy it in 50# bags.  Since I have not … Continued

Glass measuring cup

Cooking Equivalent Measurements

U.S. vs. Metric vs. Imperial (U.K.) Measures Cooking Equivalent Measurements Cooking can be challenging internationally due to the need to convert recipes to depending on where you live.  Compiled here … Continued

Grape Recipe Index

Grape Recipes

Grape Recipe Collection –  Grape Juice Recipes – Grape Leaf Recipes This Grape Recipe Collection features many beloved dishes that will show you just how diverse the mighty grape is. … Continued