Toast Points

  Questions and Answers – How To Make Toast Points   Question: I’m making a gazpacho recipes that calls for a toast point garnish, however, that is all it says. … Continued


Tahini – Sesame Paste

Questions and Answers – Tahini or Sesame Paste Question: Hello!  I have a recipe for Oriental Orzo Salad, and it calls for Tahini.  I am not sure what it is … Continued

Thai Sweet Rice

Questions and Answers – What is Thai Sweet Rice?     Question: Recently, I was in the Health Food Store and saw Thai Sweet Rice on the shelf.  What is … Continued

What are Sweetbreads

Questions and Answers – What are Sweetbreads?     Question: What are Sweetbreads?  Can you help?  They are not in your dictionary.  Are they glands or brains– of a cow?? … Continued

Storing Raw Eggs

Storing Raw Eggs

Questions and Answers – Storing Raw Eggs   Question: I have just a quick concern.  I get my eggs from a friend who raises hen and there is no date … Continued

Skirt Steak

Questions and Answers – Skirt Steak   Question: What is a ‘skirt’ steak? – Toni Moore (1/14/01)   Answer: Skirt Steak is a boneless cut of beef from the lower … Continued

Vegetable Shortening

Questions and Answers – Definition of Vegetable Shortening   Question: I have very promising recipe of a turkey and vegetable tart and in it is supposed to be 1/4 cup of … Continued



Questions and Answers – Definition of Schmand   Question: Many German recipes call for SCHMAND.  I believe it is made with cream or sour cream.  Do you know of a … Continued

Scant Meaurement

Questions and Answers – Scant Measurement     Question: I frequently see the word “scant” after a listed ingredient (e.g., “1 teaspoon salt, scant”).  In this context, what does “scant” … Continued

Satsuma Orange

Satsuma Oranges

Questions and Answers – What is an Satsuma Orange   Question: Can you tell me what a “satsuma orange” is?  Is it a type of orange?  I find it listed … Continued

Salt in Baking

  Questions and Answers – Salt in Baking   Question: How do you know how much salt to add to bake good like yeast bread, pie dough and sweet dough … Continued

Pickling Salt

Pickling Salt

Questions and Answers – What is Pickling Salt Question: Many pickle recipes I have call for “coarse” salt.  Is coarse salt and canning/pickling salt the same or can be interchangeable? … Continued

Rosti Potatoes

Rosti Potatoes   Question: Have you heard of the term ‘rosti’?  I have but I can’t find it in a dictionary.  Does it mean strips of fried vegetables?  – Regards … Continued

Rosemary – Rosmarinus Officinalis

Question and Answer – Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis)   Question: I would appreciate it if you could tell me what is the equivalent in Spanish or Latin of “rosemary.” – Marco … Continued

Romamo Beans

What are Romano Beans

  Questions and Answers –  What are Romano Beans?     Question: I have a recipe which includes Romano beans, but I am not sure what they are.  Have you … Continued