Peanut Sauce Recipes

    Peanut Sauce Recipes are excellent tossed with only cooked pasta and sesame seeds.  Also great on chicken.  Even children love this Peanut Sauce! Check out Linda’s Butters, Condiments, … Continued

Baked Potatoes and Eggs

Baked Potatoes and Eggs Recipe

Baked Potatoes and Eggs are a very interesting and delicious way to serve potatoes to your family or guests.  Baked stuffed potatoes are basically a twice-bake potatoes that are easy … Continued

Watermelon Cubes

Watermelon Cubes with Aged Balsamic Vinegar Recipe

Rich Tramonto says, “This charming little Watermelon Cubes with Aged Balsamic Vinegar Recipe is comprised of two ingredients, and when there are only two, they had better be the best … Continued

Spicy Beef Wrap

Spicy Beef Wrap Recipe

Spicy Beef Wraps are a delicious, healthy lunch option that is very easy-to-make.  These Spicy Beef Wraps make a hearty dinner for your family or a tasty lunch for work.  Children … Continued

Gourmet Roast Beef Sandwich

Gourmet Roast Beef Sandwich Recipe

  Gourmet Roast Beef Sandwich is a recipe that was shared with me by Peggy Bucholz and her Fine Dining website.  Peggy says, “I don’t like a big mouthful of … Continued

Lemon Thyme Vinegar Pecan Pie Recipe

  This recipe was shared with me by Alleta Huston of Newberg, Oregon. Alleta wrote the article on my site called Ethel’s Guidelines For Making Herb Vinegar. Be sure and … Continued

Grilled Corn, Tomato, and Avocado Salad

Grilled Corn, Tomato, and Avocado Salad Recipe

Grilled Corn Salad   Grilled Corn Salad with tomato, and avocado is absolutely fantastic, especially if you source the  corn, tomatoes, and sweet basil from your garden or from your local … Continued

How To Make Lip Balm

Learn how to make lip balm at home.  This is my favorite lip balm recipe that I am sharing with you.  I am addicted to lip balm and put loads … Continued

Tofu Walnut Meat Balls

Tofu Walnut Meat Balls Recipe

  Tofu Walnut Meat Balls are great served either cold or warm, plus served with Tomato Sauce or Gravy.  You can throw these tofu meat balls into a typical tomato … Continued

Summer Food Safety Tips

  Summer Food Safety Tips – The most important steps to keep these uninvited guests away are very easy to do!  The biggest party crasher at summer picnic and buffets … Continued

Asparagus with Orange Dressing

Asparagus with Orange Dressing and Toasted Hazelnuts Recipe

  Asparagus with Orange Dressing and Toasted Hazelnuts recipe has a delicious citrus and nutty flavor.  Excellent serve with Grilled Balsamic-Dijon Chicken or Grilled Chicken Piccata.  This asparagus recipe is … Continued

Orange Hard Sauce Recipe

    Orange Hard Sauce, also known as Brandy Butter and Rum Butter, is so easy to make and so delicious on desserts such as cakes and gingerbread, and whatever else … Continued

strawberry lime crepes

Strawberry Lime Crepes Recipe

  These Strawberry Lime Crepes would make a fantastic weekend brunch or breakfast dish. They would also be perfect to serve for a special occasion dessert. The crepes are stuffed … Continued

Cream-Braised Brussels Sprouts

Cream-Braised Brussels Sprouts Recipe

  Cream-Braised Brussels Sprouts are so good and so easy to make – Brussels Sprouts in cream is absolutely divine!  It is said that cream makes everything better.  Your family … Continued

Hashed Brussels Sprouts with Poppy Seeds and Lemon Recipe

  Hashed Brussels Sprouts with Poppy Seeds and Lemon is a simple recipe that has converted lots of sworn Brussels-sprouts haters into devoted connoisseurs.  It has turned the sprouts into comfort … Continued